This shape-shifting kick scooter transforms into electric bicycle and vice versa

Commuting in crowded spaces demands a swift and agile ride that’s easy to store when not needed. A city bicycle, or even better a kick scooter is the best option for an urban lifestyle. If these commuters are high on style and function while not overcomplicating things, it’s the red cherry on top.

When it comes to personal commuters, less is more and vice versa too. So, what if you get the perfect combination of an electric bicycle and a kick scooter in one? To me, that sounds like the ideal product for city exploration or simply going from one block to the other in quick time.

Designer: Ugly Duckling

Having come across countless kick scooters with impressive design and functions, this one is a bar above the rest for its dual utility and compact design. Since I’m a big fan of shape-shifting automotive designs, this one has really impressed me beyond comprehension. Christened the Popup Scooter, the two-wheeled electric bicycle transforms into a chick kick scooter, and the other way around. This gives the rider (and his/her family and buddies) the option to choose the configuration depending on the particular needs.

The smooth transformation happens courtesy of the hydraulic cylinder which in normal bicycles is used to adjust the ride height. This hydraulic mechanism is capable enough to lift an adult person, so, lifting and lowering the ride’s body shouldn’t be a problem at all. At the core level, the concept is not just another blueprint that looks good on paper but falls flat on its face when it comes to creating the actual prototype or even a production model.

As per the designer, the future will be dominated by one-person mobility, and to cater to the demands of either sporty driving or comfortable riding experience, design is going to be a challenge. The Popup Scooter has the potential to satiate everyone’s needs since it can evolve into a two-wheeler no one knew existed, but everybody would want in their garage.