A New Meaning to Seahorse

I love the idea of exotic car brands crossing over into the uncharted territory of watercraft design, and this is one beautiful example. Inspired by the 458 Italia, the Ferrari Elegante speedboat has all the style, creative flair, passion, cutting-edge technology, and race-derived DNA that enthusiasts love about the brand with the prancing pony.

Designer: Abdul Wahid


  • MDesigns says:

    This is not more than a rendering exercise. The shape and surface treatments do not reflect the Italian style. My suggestion is try sketching hundreds of study thumbnails before settling on one shape. Good luck.

  • Confucius says:

    This guy have obviously never been on a boat…
    Here’s a a key point: They reverse.
    They also have a downstairs area in the bow.

  • Shik-kai says:

    Worst renders Ive seen in a long time

  • Abdul Wahid says:

    hi there, thank you for your comment.. this was a short project at university did not have much time to blow out with hundreds of designs at all and it was just a styling project yet i am a new comer to using Autodesk Alias .. over all i hope you like my design.

  • Abdul Wahid says:

    hi there … thank you for your comment… your right i havent been on a boat … This was a styling project which i did a university which was a short project… and i dont think all speedboats have a downstairs …

  • Abdul Wahid says:

    thank you for your comment… why do you say it is the worst renderings? (i will take note for future)

  • Abhisaar says:

    No need to require for wings on the top…it wont help and bottom wings i dont think it will work with water bt nice design and simple and classic!

  • Hunter says:

    Yeah, boats don’t need wings unless it’s a boatplane.
    Speedboats don’t have basements; yachts do.
    They typically don’t need brakelights, although you are missing a few lights to make it water-legal.

    Overall, a gorgeous design for a boat, but impractical to build.

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