Rolls Royce: Phantom (mini)Menace

Set to be introduced at this years Geneva Motor Show, BMW (parent company to Rolls Royce) is calling this the “200EX Concept”, not to be confused with Chrysler’s beautiful 200C Concept. Measuring in about 18 inches shorter than the obnoxiously large Phantom, this sleek cruiser shares many parts with its cousin the BMW 7 Series. Notice the inclusion of the classic “suicide doors” made popular by not only the Phantom but the mobster loving Lincoln Continental of the 1960s. Stay tuned for the hotly anticipated “Baby Rolls” set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this year.

Design: Rolls-Royce [ Via: Autoblog ]


  • John Q says:

    i’ve never been in a rolls royce, or near one, for that matter, but does anyone know how comfortable it is to get into the backseat of that car, seeing as the door has hinges on the other end and seems smaller?

    • Eric says:

      I’ve always loved suicide doors. But never liked RR to much… Im sure it’s just as comfortable as a leather seat could be, but probably not life changing.

  • Keith says:

    I wouldn’t say that the current phantom is obnoxiously large. The back seat is very big and most likely comfortable, so the vehice is sized for what it is. The phantom was made to be driven in. This looks like it is made to be driven by the owner, which is what I most prefer. In person, the phantom looks really nice, not obnoxiously large.

  • Armin says:

    since when is the Rolls-Royce logo red again?! It was changed to black when mr. Royce died.

  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    I cannot tell the difference between it and Chrysler, except for the winged hero on the grill.

    If Rolls Royce can really change anything, they need to change the word “suicide doors” to something else classy, like “Royal entry” or “Executive style” or anything that does not prompt you to think of doing something stupid while the car is zooming on the autobahn on a break neck speed.

    After all, we have electronic lock to the doors, as soon as you pass the speed of 10 miles/hour. A Ford Fusion has that, so Rolls Royce doesn’t? I don’t think so.

    It’s time for Rolls Royce to re-invent names for car designs, suicide doors gone, hello Royalty and Executive.

  • kar says:

    executive entrance 😀
    I do agree that Rolls Royce’s cars are starting to look like that one Chrysler 300M or whatever. It’s possible to redesign something while still keep it recognizable.

  • mad1982 says:

    This car awesome

  • pedram says:


  • Ramin says:

    Nice Work!

  • will says:

    What happens when germans ‘scale down’ brit brands? Remember Rover? Boring, unoriginal design, suicide doors just look stupid and ill-executed(no pun intended)

  • Keshia says:

    I Love this car!!!!

  • Keshia says:

    Well Po on you Will

  • aarmed says:

    Ohh come on. Rolls Royce looks like Chrysler???. We all know that it’s the other way. right?

  • AAA says:

    is it free……

  • AAA says:

    is it free……

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