This sleek robust electric kick scooter is what the city commuters need

Electric kick scooters are the definitive future of personal commuting owing to the exponential rise in the number of vehicles on the road and the colossal impact of carbon emissions on the planet.  That justifies our obsession with kick scooters lately, and we’ve stumbled over another three-wheeled version that’s a pure delight to watch and presumably to ride on as well.

Dubbed the Electric Stand Bike, this striking creation is the Polestar O2 Convertible of the electric kick scooter world. The personal commuter is fit for riding the city streets as well as the outskirts in maximum style without impacting the environment. The electric-powered machine has bigger front wheels and a single rear one for maximum control. In fact, the front wheels are almost triple the size of the rear one which comes with its own independent dual suspension system to take on the bumps with maximum ease.

Designer: Alexandr Zhukouski

The standing platform is big enough to provide a comfortable upright stance while turning or when the ride gets rough. There’s an elaborate digital panel for all the vital telemetry including the current speed, remaining charge levels, and notifications from a connected mobile device. LED lights at the front have a good amount of throw for clear visibility of the oncoming traffic in the dark hours. The design incorporates storage space to carry along groceries or other essentials after a return trip from the supermarket.

The wide platform on the Electric Stand Bike means there is enough freedom to change the riding position depending on the needs. That also brings in the possibility of keeping stuff (when the need arises) if there is no space left in the storage compartment. Overall, this kick scooter hits the right notes for modern urban commuters who want more than just a barebones ride for themselves. It’s all about style, practicality, and an assuring built that’ll last for years to come in all respects.