Top 10 LEGO Creations Inspired By Your Favorite Movies

LEGO has spread its wings in almost every genre and arena. And if you’re a movie lover, then this list is for you! Some of your favorite movies have been immortalized in LEGO form! And, we’ve curated a collection of immaculate and precise LEGO builds inspired by and based on your favorite movies. From a Godzilla in LEGO form to a LEGO build of Kung Fu Panda – LEGO has managed to incorporate your favorite movies in LEGO format. Which LEGO build would you want to try at home?!

1. LEGO Godzilla

LEGO builder Matthew Esposito decided to make a LEGO version of Godzilla since we almost have ten or more movies, but not a single LEGO Godzilla! It is a small-scale version of the city-smashing reptile, and it is modeled after the ‘King of Monsters’ Godzilla’ (from the 2019 movie). It stands only a few inches tall, but it is amped with a hefty body and, a super long tail, and can blow blue flames in any direction, burning down entire cities in minutes!

2. The Sorting Hat

If we’re talking about LEGO builds from our favorite movies, then we obviously need to include something from Harry Potter! The LEGO Group finally launched the Sorting Hat! It is a dedicated LEGO version with a concealed sound box that will let out loud and randomized phrases in English, which we’ve all heard before. It stands at 9.5 inches tall and is 7.5 diameters in length, and can be displayed proudly on a stand that features Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw house symbols.

3. LEGO Kung Fu Panda

This submission to the LEGO Ideas Forum features a LEGO Kung Fu Panda from the first movie in the franchise! The adorable Po is armed with a dragon scroll, and a bowl of noodles, and he can even perform the epic Wixu Finger Hold. The brick character has a completely positionable body with movable hands, legs, head, fingers, and even eyebrows. In fact, Po even has a jiggling belly that bounces if you touch it!

4. Seven Dwarf’s Cottage

LEGO has brought the Seven Dwarf’s Cottage from the iconic Disney animation The Snow White movie to life! The lavish and intricate build is made using 2228 pieces and features 10 mini figurines. The cottage has been detailed with a lot of care and precision, creating an intriguing little structure that reminds us of all the interesting and memorable bits of the tale. The LEGO house is also equipped with Snow White’s glass coffin, the Evil Queen with the forbidden red apple, the Prince, and of course the Seven Dwarfs.

5. LEGO Captain America Shield

This life-size LEGO Captain America shield is built using 3000 pieces and measures almost 18.5 inches in diameter. The shield is also accompanied by a tiny Captain America Minifigure! The shield isn’t made from vibranium, of course, but it really does look and feel like the real deal, and if you’ve ever accidentally stepped on a LEGO brick, you know it is as tough as vibranium when you take the shooting pain that courses through your body in consideration.

6. LEGO Dobby

LEGO immortalized another beloved character from the Harry Potter world! Dobby the House Elf got his own little LEGO kit. It is built using only 403 bricks, making it one of the easier LEGO builds. It features a few heartwarming and distinct design details, such as moving limbs, a rotating head, adjustable ears, and repositionable fingers that let Dobby snap fingers, point at things, look around, or even grip little items like the sock that freed Dobby.

7. The LEGO® Jurassic World Dinosaur Fossils: T. rex Skull

The LEGO® Jurassic World Dinosaur Fossils: T. rex Skull (76964) is a fantastic LEGO set intended for museum-like display. In fact, it is one of the first Jurassic World sets designed for such a style of display. It includes 577 pieces and contains a T. Rex skull with an opening jaw and a stand to present and display it. It includes an info plaque, an amber piece at the back, as well as an intriguing fossilized footprint.

8. The LEGO Avengers Set

The LEGO Avengers set is 35.5 inches tall and was designed as a part of the 60th anniversary of the Avengers. It is meant to be one of the tallest sets when it is put together. If you look closer, you will notice the Quinjet, Leviathan, and two Chitauri flyers from the 2012 Avengers Assemble. The interior showcases scenes from the Infinity Saga, Age of Ultron party, and Endgame.

9. LEGO Quidditch Trunk

The LEGO Quidditch Trunk may not be the most complex or difficult Harry Potter build, but it is quite interactive and entertaining! It involves 599 bricks and features a comprehensive Quidditch setup that includes various brooms, players, hoops, and a launcher that allows you to shoot disc-shaped qauffles through the hoops.

10. LEGO Miller’s Planet Scene

Designed by LEGO builder Minibrick Productions, the iconic Miller’s Planet scene from the Interstellar movie has been immortalized in this little LEGO-based build and showcases the ranger aircraft, astronauts Cooper and Brad, and the shapeshifting robots TARS and CASE. The two robots feature repositionable arms that let them walk like humans, while Hathaway and McConaughey wear their space suits.