LEGO Godzilla might be smaller than its living counterpart, but it’s just as ferocious

It’s strange that we’ve got probably around ten or more Godzilla movies, but no Godzilla LEGO set yet. Hoping to change that, LEGO Builder Matthew Esposito decided to make a small-scale brick version of everyone’s favorite city-smashing reptile. Modeled after the ‘King of Monsters’ Godzilla (from the 2019 movie), this tiny terror stands merely a few inches tall, but encapsulates every inch of its original form’s grandeur, with its hefty body, incredibly long tail, and the ability to blow blue flames in any direction, razing cities down in mere minutes with zero regret.

Designer: Matthew Esposito

“I was really blown away by the new look of the Godzilla in these newer movies. I was fascinated by how this new iteration of Godzilla was designed, and I thought that this new look would translate incredibly well into LEGO,” says LEGO builder Matthew Esposito. “This model would make a great LEGO set because I believe that, with the new movie coming soon into theaters and onto streaming services, I believe that many people would be hyped and excited to watch this new movie, as well as have their own buildable Godzilla at hand to play with.”

Esposito doesn’t mention how many bricks his build uses, but it’s probably in the ~500 ballpark (I could be completely wrong). The Godzilla features multiple moving parts, including opposable hands and fingers, a moving jaw, adjustable legs, and even an adjustable tail (which does need its own separate support given the Godzilla’s strange CG). Esposito employs the use of grey bricks, which lends itself well to the iconic monster, and even uses bricks with cracks at certain intervals, highlighting Godzilla’s imperfect skin. The LEGO brick bumps are visible across the body too, almost acting like scales!

This build also comes with its own rich blue fireball that fits right in Godzilla’s mouth, making it look like it’s shooting flames at a building or a nearby helicopter.

Esposito originally built this LEGO version of Godzilla back in 2021, gaining massive support from the LEGO Ideas community who rushed to give him the 10,000 votes he needed to enter the review stage of the LEGO Ideas process. Sadly, the internal team at LEGO rejected the submission at the time, but Esposito resubmitted his MOC (My Own Creation) to the forum again this year, already garnering over 3,600 votes. If you want to see the LEGO Godzilla turn into a retail box set, head down to the LEGO Ideas website and give Esposito your vote!