Get your own LEGO T. Rex skull in your dinosaur museum

Kids and adults alike have been fascinated with dinosaurs even before Jurassic Park but we have to admit that the movie series has brought even more “fans” into the fold. We’ve seen a lot of merchandise from various brands that would make the most ardent dinosaur fans happy (and spend lots of money). LEGO is one of those brands and they have several Jurassic World sets available and the latest addition to the collection brings the king of dinosaurs to your hands.

Designer: LEGO

The LEGO® Jurassic World Dinosaur Fossils: T. rex Skull (76964) is actually the first of the Jurassic World sets that were meant for a museum-like display. It’s basically a 577-piece set that when put together brings you the T. Rex skull, complete with an opening jaw and a stand to proudly display your LEGO archeological find. It even has an info plaque to go with your stand, an “amber” piece at the back and a fossilized footprint.

Once you are able to put the dinosaur bones together to form the T. Rex skull, you can pose it in different ways on the stand, including opening and closing the jaws. You can also use the LEGO Builder app guide in case you need help in building this archeological piece. You’ll be able to track your progress and zoom in and out on the model in 3D as you try to finish your build. Some people though want to just use their own skills as they build their LEGO sets so to each their own.

While the T. Rex skull is meant for kids 9 and above, we all know that a lot of adults will also get this to add to their LEGO dinosaur collection. But if your kid is interested in paleontology, this is a good tool to encourage them to use their creativity and even expand their storytelling skills by creating their very own dinosaur museum.