35.5 inches Avengers Tower LEGO set comes with 31 superhero minifigures

The LEGO Marvel set has been in the rumor mill for a very long time now, and the wait is now over. LEGO Group has finally unveiled the 76269 Avengers Tower set which is the biggest ever Marvel-themed set released. It is also the first ever modern set to have 31 minifigures in total. The set is slated to launch on November 24 for a price tag of $500. For those who buy it from November 24 to November 27, the set will come with the complementary LEGO Marvel Taxi gift that includes a New York taxi, taxi driver, Black Panter and Outrider minifigs.

This LEGO set created as a part of the 60th anniversary of The Avengers also clocks the milestone of being among one the tallest sets when fully put together. Just for reference, it is taller than the 76178 Daily Bugle set measuring 35.5 inches in height. At first glance, you’ll instantly recognize the Quinjet, Leviathan and two Chitauri flyers from the 2012 Avengers Assemble. The interior on the other hand has scenes depicted from the Infinity Saga, Age of Ultron party and Endgame.

Designer: LEGO Group

Talking of the minifigures, the noticeable ones include Tony Stark, Iron Man MK7, Captain America, Thor, Ant-Man, Loki, Hulk, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and many more. From the lot, however, it’s strange not to see some characters like the Quicksilver minifig. The set also includes brick-built Dum-E although the press release has no mention of it.

The LEGO set has a removable roof and side panels to recreate any of the scenes on the individual floors and keep monotony at bay. At the top of the structure, you can build the Quinjet and the Lego Chariot that can be hooked onto the tower. The Leviathan can be positioned standing outside the tower. For those who already own the smaller Marvel sets including the Daily Bugle and Sanctum Sanctorum, these sets can be attached to the baseplate (32 stud) of this colossal set to create a stunning diorama.