LEGO Kung Fu Panda comes with a posable design, a jiggling belly, and a Tai Lung to battle with!

Armed with a dragon scroll, a bowl of noodles, and the ability to perform the epic Wixu Finger Hold, this LEGO Kung Fu Panda is ready to bring the battle to Tai Lung! Based on the first movie in the franchise, this submission to the LEGO Ideas Forum brings the adorable Po to life using LEGO bricks. The LEGO brick character features an entirely positionable body with movable hands, legs, fingers, head, and even eyebrows… and if all that wasn’t enough, Po even comes with a jiggling belly that bounces if you touch it! Talk about commitment to detail, right?!

Designer: Brixter

Designed by a LEGO Builder by the name of ‘Brixter’, this MOC (My Own Creation) features Po the panda and Tai Lung the snow leopard. The first movie was based on a journey of discovery, culminating in a battle for who would be the ‘Dragon Warrior’. The movie ends with Po performing the legendary Wuxi Finger Hold on Tai Lung – a frame so iconic Brixter even recreated it using the LEGO set below!


Although it’s unclear how many pieces are required for the LEGO build, the final figure stands at just roughly 3-4 inches tall, using LEGO Art Set bricks to create the final design. This is what gives the characters their distinct almost pixelated effect. The Po figurine comes with movable body parts, letting you make him look around, change facial expressions, practice kung fu, and even chow down on noodles and soup after a grueling training session!

But more notably, Po comes with a potbelly that actually jiggles when touched. Visible in the video above, you can press the belly inwards, or move it around, simulating the feeling of a large belly that moves around under its own weight!

Tai Lung, on the other hand, comes with a more muscular design, mimicking the physique of the snow leopard from the series. He’s got red eyes, a menacing glare with adjustable eyebrows, and a slightly tilted grin that comes with the hubris and confidence that Tai Lung had, believing he was destined to be the Dragon Warrior.

Brixter’s submission to the LEGO Ideas Forum managed to grab the eyes of LEGO’s internal team, which awarded the MOC a ‘Staff Pick’ badge. With just over 500 votes, Brixter is looking to get support from the broader LEGO community to help turn this into a retail box set. You can vote for the LEGO Kung Fu Panda on the LEGO Ideas website here.