The Bare Minimum and Nothing More!


There is something that is so intriguing about simplistic, pared-back products. They are wonderful to spot amongst the raging sea of their far more complex alternatives. Their back-to-basics approach to design can be far less intimidating as well as bring a fresh new aesthetic into the room.

This is exactly what the Air Lounge Chair is, a no-nonsense, straight to the point item of stylish furniture! The elegantly shaped plywood frame forms the characterful profile of the chair, with the strict layering of the ply being visible on the edges. Providing a place to sit is the wide elasticated rope that forms a visually interesting yet supportive, uniform webbing.

The combination of the plywood and the rope makes the Air Lounge Chair not only simple, but also relatively light and exceptionally convenient… as well making it really, really awesome to look at!

Designer: Kirill Fedorenko