LEGO’s latest Harry Potter Set lets you ACTUALLY play a game of Quidditch

While you won’t be able to fly around on brooms and catch snitches, LEGO’s new retail set lets you score and block quaffles and even win a Quidditch cup!

Although the Quidditch Trunk isn’t LEGO’s most complex Harry Potter build, it’s definitely the most entertaining. The 599-brick trunk comes with a comprehensive Quidditch setup inside, including hoops, players, brooms, and a launcher that lets you shoot disc-shaped quaffles through the hoops, or play catch with bludgers and snitches.

Designer: LEGO

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Designed to fit entirely within a trunk, this Quidditch pitch is as detailed as it gets. You’ve got players, house banners, hoops, brooms, quaffles, bludgers, snitches, and all the fanfare associated with the popular fictional sport, contained within a tiny trunk that opens up into a playable Quidditch pitch.

LEGO mentions that there are multiple game styles you can play, with a PvP format that involves one person using the launcher and another person defending. Working on almost a foosball-style principle, the defending player has a moving LEGO minifigure that allows them to play their half of the game, while the opponent uses a launching mechanism to shoot discs. Assemble the hoops and you can launch quaffles into them, or give a defending minifigure a bat and you can launch bludgers at them, or just have them try to catch a golden snitch. The style of the game is entirely up to the players, complete with adjustable minifigures featuring swappable uniforms, heads, and hairstyles.

The $67.99 LEGO set also includes other memorabilia including 2 brooms, 2 bats, a house cup, and a trunk containing the golden snitch minifigure as well as quaffle, bludger, and snitch discs for gameplay.

The set comes with 4 iconic characters – Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Cedric Diggory, and Cho Chang, with extra heads and hairstyles for added customization.

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