Life-size LEGO Captain America Shield is the perfect home décor for comic-geeks

Measuring a staggering 18.5 inches in diameter, this LEGO Captain America shield comes with over 3000 pieces and a tiny Captain America minifigure to accompany it. While it looks and feels just like the real deal, it sadly isn’t made from vibranium – but one could argue that a LEGO brick is probably just as tough as vibranium. Step on one and you’ll know!

Unveiled as a part of the Infinity Saga, LEGO and Marvel Studios’ collaborative series, the Captain America Shield is a perfect piece of comic book and pop-culture memorabilia for both children and adults alike. It’s also one of LEGO and Marvel’s largest builds, standing just a few inches shorter than the 21-inch tall Hulkbuster figurine.

Designer: LEGO

A symbol of freedom, integrity, and relentless perseverance, the LEGO Captain America Shield uses an exact total of 3128 bricks. While the shield isn’t designed to be held and used, it does come with a beautiful base for resting it against, along with a minifigure of Captain America from Avengers Endgame holding the shield and Thor’s Mjolnir.

The iconic shield, although with a high brick count, is pretty easy to put together, thanks to its repetitive design. The shield has a beautiful domed construction to it, with a pop-out white star in the center, really giving it a stellar 3D appearance.

The LEGO Captain America Shield starts at $199, and is a perfect gift for Marvel enthusiasts and overall comic book and film franchise geeks. The LEGO set also pairs with the LEGO Builder app, which lets builders view 3D models and building instructions for their LEGO sets as well as track their progress as they follow along with the app.