This 6-in-1 Titanium Multitool comes handy in every tactical, outdoor, and emergency scenario

Rather aptly named the JOAT, or Jack Of All Trades, this modular multitool holds the unique distinction of being the perfect EDC to have on you for practically any sort of crisis. Whether it’s gear that needs fixing or beer that needs opening, the JOAT’s uniquely equipped to help. Made from titanium and with modular elements that stack together magnetically, the JOAT has its own fold-out scalpel blade, set of hex-wrenches, pry-bar, portable saw, magnetic screw-bit holder, and a bottle opener… all in one thumb-sized form factor that fits around your keychain. The magnetic modules snap apart, making them easy to use individually, and they’re all crafted from titanium, so they’ll practically last a lifetime.

Designer: Fetos Studio

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While most multitools try to cram as much functionality into the tiniest form factor (we’re looking at you, Victorinox), the JOAT’s approach is a tad bit different. It uses magnetic modules that let you pull different parts of the EDC apart, giving you individual tools that are easier to use without any of that bulk associated with larger multitools. Need a knife? Just take the knife module out. Need a wrench? You don’t have to worry about any of the other tools while you’re working the wrench.

The scalpel knife is perhaps the JOAT’s most standout feature. Unlike most knives that have fixed edges, the JOAT uses a standard removable/replaceable scalpel blade that you can attach to its folding arm. You can easily attach any standard scalpel blade to the JOAT, removing it during travel (so the multitool is TSA-friendly), or replacing just the blade when its edge wears out. Standard scalpel blades are ridiculously sharp, giving your EDC multitool a great outdoor or tactical advantage. The pointed tip and deadly-sharp edge are perfect for piercing, cutting, slicing, carving, shaving, or doing anything you’d require a portable knife for. That means easily being able to navigate any outdoor situations that require a cutter, or any potential self-defense scenarios where a tactical blade could prove to be handy. The blade’s replaceable design makes maintaining your JOAT easy, allowing you to just swap out old blades for new ones instead of sitting and sharpening your knife like you would with most other multitools.

Any good multitool needs to have a bit-driver, and the JOAT takes its name and reputation seriously. Really a jack of all trades, the multitool packs a bit driver and holder in one of its three modules, allowing you to store as many as two standard 1/4″ hex bits of your choice. Although most people recommend having an Allen-bit and a flathead bit handy at all times, the JOAT lets you choose exactly which bits you want to carry along with you, letting you either stick to traditional picks or go super obscure if you’re fixing things like tech or any special gear. When in need, just take the bit you want and dock it into its holder and you have a makeshift screwdriver for any sudden emergencies when your regular toolkit isn’t around.

Got some nuts and bolts that need tightening, the JOAT packs an entire bunch of hex wrenches in its third module, along with a bottle-opener for good measure. Ranging from an M2 wrench to an M6 wrench, the standalone module is grippy and easy to maneuver, allowing you to quickly tighten or loosen bolts. The fact that the JOAT’s modules are detachable and independently usable means you can potentially use the hex wrench and the screwdriver as separate tools, allowing you to hold and tighten with the same multitool.

Finally, the JOAT’s base platform comes with its own pry tool, along with a blunt serrated edge that doubles as a nail file or even a primitive saw for buffing/filing down wood, plastic, or even soft metals. That titanium build proves rather handy here, given its status as the strongest metal known to humankind.

At just 80mm (a little above 3 inches) in length, the JOAT’s exceptionally pocket-friendly. It weighs 1.8 ounces (51.5 grams) and comes with its own loop that lets you secure it to a carabiner or even to your keychain. The all-titanium multitool starts at $69, and for another $7 you could get yourself the leather strap and titanium machined keyring to go with your EDC (shown above). If the idea of a nude metal multitool doesn’t appeal to you, there’s even an option to get a PVD black version of the JOAT for an extra $11. The all-in-one EDC multitool ships globally, and although it doesn’t come with an explicit warranty, the fact that it’s machined from grade 5 titanium should speak volumes for its durability. Let’s just say, this might be the last EDC you’ll ever need to buy…

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $89 (22% off) Hurry! Only 5 Days Left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $89 (22% off) Hurry! Only 5 Days Left!