10 Best LEGO Builds To Try Creating At Home If You’re A True LEGO Fanatic

Creating and building precise and intricate LEGO structures as a child was one of my favorite hobbies. I could spend hours sitting and creating the little builds, and I still hold those memories dear to my heart. I’m sure most of us have nostalgic and heartwarming memories associated with LEGO blocks from our childhood, as well as the not-so-heartwarming ones of stepping on them with our feet and feeling an insane amount of pain shoot up our legs. But nowadays LEGO is no longer considered child’s play. Master builders and LEGO enthusiasts all over the world have been creating impressive LEGO builds, and we’ve curated a few of our favorites for you!

1. LEGO Popcorn Machine

Built by Dimexart, this charming and adorable LEGO Popcorn Machine is built using LEGO blocks! This build brings to mind the vision of the iconic popcorn machines you usually see in movie theaters. It features a glorious retro-style theme and is made using 955 pieces. Even the popcorn is made from LEGO blocks! How cool is that?

2. LEGO T-Rex Offline Game

There was a time when users who browsed the web on Google Chrome noticed that when they couldn’t connect to the internet, it would display a “You are offline” message with a pixelated dinosaur standing amidst the desert terrain. If you pressed a key, it would kickstart a hidden game – where you could get the dinosaur to dodge obstacles and keep yourself busy. LEGO builder Brick Dangerous transformed this iconic game into a LEGO brick set made using 449 pieces!

3. LEGO Ramen Bowl

Made using LEGO bricks, Micdud’s LEGO Ramen Bowl looks super realistic! “The model was designed, as a fully customizable construction, thanks to a wide selection of ingredients,” says LEGO builder Micdud. It includes all of the basics – a “bamboo” roll-out pad, a beautiful “ceramic” bowl made with subtle and intricate details, as well as chopsticks that are concealed in a decorated “paper” wrapping. It also includes a special chirirenge spoon!

4. LEGO Cherry Blossoms

These lovely LEGO Cherry Blossoms are designed to get you ready for Spring! The LEGO build features two buildable cherry blossom twigs that can you mix and match to create some pretty white and pink blooms. You need to build the flowers with the 438 pieces that come with the set, to build two twigs that measure up to 14 inches.

5. LEGO A-frame Cabin

The A-frame cabin is truly an icon in the architecture world and is one of the most appealing home styles since its inception in the 1950s. LEGO user Norton74 captured the beautiful essence of the A-frame cabin with this adorable and captivating LEGO build. It feels amazingly real and features precise detailing inside, with each corner revealing something new and exciting. P

 6. LEGO Polaroid SX-70 Fold-Flat Instant Camera

Minibricks Productions converted the Polaroid SX-70 fold-flat instant camera from the 1970s into a LEGO build made using 516 bricks. It is partially functional, but you can’t click any real-time photographs with this camera. LEGO converted the submission into a legit brick set that was slated for release on January 1, 2024.

7. The LEGO® Jurassic World Dinosaur Fossils: T. Rex Skull

The LEGO® Jurassic World Dinosaur Fossils: T. rex Skull (76964) is designed to be the first Jurassic World set intended for museum-like display. The 577-piece set consists of a T. Rex skull with an opening jaw, and a stand to display it. The unique build also comes along with an info plaque, an amber piece at the back, and a fossilized footprint.

8. LEGO PS One

Built by LEGO Builder GoofySwan099, this LEGO-based PS One is a tribute to Sony’s first-ever gaming console. We’re unsure how many bricks this build uses, but it features all the bells and whistles you could imagine, including a memory card and controller inputs on the front, an opening CD tray, and RCA ports on the back.

9. LEGO Mineral Display

The LEGO Mineral Display is truly an interesting build as it converts plastic bricks into precious gemstones. The display relies on the geometric nature to mimic the beauty of the crystals forming under the extreme pressure of the earth’s crust. The crystals are created in a myriad variety of shapes and styles and were created by LEGO builder Dario Del Frate.

10. LEGO Ideas Tabletop Air Hockey Kit

The LEGO Ideas Tabletop Air Hockey kit is designed to perfectly capture the fun and joy of slinging a puck from the left to right, as you try to score a goal while protecting your post! There is no air involved in this unique creation, and it is fan-made by LordFamousTulip100 and got almost 100 votes on the global LEGO forum.