These LEGO Geodes and Minerals let you be a gem-collector without burning a hole in your wallet

Who knew that a humble interlocking brick from 1932 would become such a versatile ‘pixel’ of the human world nearly a hundred years later?? The LEGO Mineral Display turns plastic bricks into precious gemstones, relying on their inherent geometric nature to mimic the beauty of crystals forming under the extreme pressures of the earth’s crust. Designed in a variety of shapes and styles, these minerals, created by LEGO builder Dario Del Frate, turn you into a gem collector overnight, with the added benefit of allowing you to build the gems instead of mortgaging your house to buy them online! Sure, they aren’t authentic, but they’re intricate, and thanks to the use of transparent gems, gorgeously eye-catching!

Designer: Dario Del Frate

Del Frate designed these minerals back in 2020, sharing them on LEGO’s Ideas forum in August of the year. In a statistical rarity, his submission received 10,000 votes from the broad LEGO community but wasn’t approved by LEGO’s internal team. Del Frate, however, decided to refine his design and renew his effort, also building a display unit with the minerals, giving you a nifty place to store and exhibit them to your friends and guests.

LEGO Amethyst Geode

“The old & new specimens are now displayed in a lovely case, built with available dark and reddish brown elements, enriched with golden rivets. The case can be hung directly to a wall or simply put on a shelf,” Del Frate mentions. “The collection is composed of 6 pieces: Rhodochrosite, Amethyst Geode, Black Tourmaline with Aquamarine, Orange Quartz, Emerald, Pyrite.”

LEGO Rhodoschorite

It’s honestly baffling how versatile LEGO bricks can be, replicating the different kinds of gems rather incredibly well. The different geometries, transitions between amorphous and crystalline structures, and the wide variety of colors get captured in Del Frate’s collection beautifully. While he mentions that his previous LEGO entry had a few ‘illegal’ joining techniques, he’s refined all his designs to now be made in a legal fashion, with no wedging, gluing, breaking, or manipulating the bricks in any unintended ways.

LEGO Orange Quartz

LEGO Pyrite

LEGO Black Tourmaline with Aquamarine

LEGO Emerald

Del Frate’s latest submission sits at the 3,500 vote mark and is open for voting. If it crosses the coveted 10,000 vote threshold, he gets yet another shot at having the LEGO review team consider turning this into a box set that people like us can buy and assemble!