Google Chrome’s T-Rex Offline Game gets immortalized in this adorable LEGO diorama

Back when Google was still a fun company (when Android had easter eggs, and when the company cracked April Fools jokes ever year), users who browsed the web on Google Chrome noticed a nifty hidden gem within the browser’s error message. When the browser couldn’t connect to the internet, it would display a “You are offline” message with a pixelated dinosaur standing amidst desert terrain. Press a key and it would trigger Chrome’s hidden game – an infinite side-scrolling adventure where you would have to get the dinosaur to dodge obstacles by either jumping over them or ducking under them. The game almost instantly became a crowd favorite, allowing people to keep themselves entertained even when offline.

LEGO builder Brick Dangerous decided to give this game the respect it truly deserves by turning it into a LEGO brick set. Comprising 449 pieces (although you could just as easily extend the diorama), the LEGO Ideas submission features the grey dinosaur against its familiar white background, accompanied by a cloud and two cacti.

Designer: Brick Dangerous

The build is pretty straightforward, with a lot of scope for adjustment or even upgrading to extend the scene sideways. It relies on 449 bricks in its current avatar, with no fixed orientation. You can choose to have the T-Rex on land or jumping in air. Want to make a nice stop-motion, that works too!

“This game is very fun, millions of people play it every time there are connection problems, something simple, but addictive,” says the designer, Brick Dangerous. “Luckily this T-Rex did not become extinct with the meteorite!”

This isn’t Brick Dangerous’ first rodeo on the LEGO Ideas forum. The designer has submitted multiple projects on the forum, and two of our favorites, the vintage telephone and the LEGO hourglass, even reached the coveted 10,000 vote mark. However, for reasons undisclosed, LEGO’s internal review team didn’t convert them into retail sets. This T-Rex build looks promising, though… it’s crossed the 1,500 mark and has another 570 days before its deadline ends. Head to the LEGO Ideas forum to vote for this dino before it goes extinct!