This LEGO Ramen Bowl looks so realistic it’ll make you salivate

This might be taking the “microplastics in our food” theme a little too far, but damn does that ramen look good!

Made from ‘ingredients’ rather than bricks, Micdud’s LEGO Ramen Bowl is just about as realistic as LEGO could ever get. The bowl was designed as an entry into LEGO’s Ideas forum, where the brick-building company encourages users and fans to design their own LEGO creations and share them with the world. The most popular creations (which collect 10,000 votes from the global LEGO community) get turned into box-sets for us to buy, as we saw with the LEGO Polaroid that got turned into a box-set just last week. With 3,431 votes and counting, Micdud’s LEGO Ramen Bowl may just hit retail status too!

Designer: Micdud

“The model was designed, as a fully customizable construction, thanks to a wide selection of ingredients,” says LEGO builder Micdud. It all starts with the construction of the basics: a “bamboo” roll-out pad, a “ceramic” bowl with subtle details, chopsticks (hidden in a decorated “paper” wrapping) and a special chirirenge spoon.

The beauty of the LEGO Ramen bowl is that, unlike most LEGO creations, each bowl is unique given that you assemble it entirely based on your preferences. you start with a ladle-full of the dashi broth (available in three colors or flavor intensities) before adding the noodles, chashu bacon roll, egg (regular soft-boiled or marinated), and other toppings like panko-coated shrimp, squid, nori seaweed, cooked shrimp (which uses the brick separator piece), different mushroom varieties, Naruto Maki fish cakes, pak-choi cabbage, and finally corn and chives.

The vibrant colors of the LEGO bricks add a mouth-watering pop to the brick-based dish, making it look virtually edible. The bowl, chopsticks, and rollable bamboo mat look positively gorgeous too, and aside from a bottle of Kikkoman soy sauce, this could honestly pass off as a meal! Do beware around small children, though, since this bowl contains tiny parts that may be a choking hazard.

If you loved Micdud’s LEGO Ramen Bowl, head to the LEGO Ideas forum to cast a vote for it!