Lego Cherry Blossoms lets you have spring in your house soon

There are people born with “green thumbs” that are able to create wonderful gardens and plant and floral masterpieces. And then there are people like me who kill everything green that they touch (yes, I even manage to kill succulents and bonsais). If you’re the latter or you have kids that are interested in flowers and would need practice on non-living versions of floral arrangements or if you just like adding a bit of flowery things to your collection, then this new Lego addition should interest you.

Designer: Lego

Spring is still a few months away but the LEGO Cherry Blossoms will help you get ready for it, as long as you’re 8 years old and above. The set features two buildable cherry blossom twigs that you can mix and match to get white and pink blooms. Since it’s Lego, you don’t get the actual flowers. You need to build it with the 438 pieces that come with the set to create two twigs that can measure up to 14 inches (35 cm) long. You can combine the different colors or stick to creating a white stem and a pink stem separately.

Once you’re able to complete your cherry blossom twigs, you can put it around the house as a piece of spring decoration. You can also combine it with other LEGO flower sets (sold separately) like their Roses, Wildflower Bouquet, Dried Flower Centerpiece, Flower Bouquet, Botanical Collection, etc. If it’s winter where you are, then these flowers can brighten up your space even though they may not be in season.

It’s interesting to see Lego venturing into other sets that may not necessarily appeal to their original market that are used to bigger and more complicated builds. But the Cherry Blossoms and their other flower sets is perfect for young kids who aspire to eventually create gardens or for adults like me who can only dream of having an actual green thumb.