Incredibly Detailed LEGO PlayStation One comes with Controllers, a CD, and even Memory Cards

The LEGO-based pixelated look goes well with the PS One, which ran 32-bit games when it launched in the 90s. We’ve come a long way since then, but LEGO Builder GoofySwan099 decided to do a grand throwback to the good old days with this LEGO version of Sony’s first-ever gaming console. It isn’t clear how many bricks this build uses, but it comes with all the bells and whistles, including memory card and controller inputs on the front, an opening CD tray, and RCA ports on the back. Accompanying the console itself is a controller, multiple memory cards, and even a LEGO compact disc that fits right into the machine!

Designer: GoofySwan099

Although a little rough around the edges, the LEGO PS One is a spitting replica of the original. It’s fairly operational with maneuverable parts, add-ons, and a matching color scheme complete with logos to remind you of the real deal. Lift the hood and you’ll see a rotating CD that comes out (don’t forget to blow on the CD as you put it in like they used to back in the old days), and along with memory cards that saved game progress, you’ve got two slots for controllers, enabling team and mano-a-mano gameplay.

“The console has working features such as a power button, open button, memory card ports, controller port, and reset button. The back of the console is also detailed, showing all of the ports to connect the console to a television,” says LEGO builder GoofySwan099.

There’s even venting on the sides, designed to push air backward and out of the console!

At 2487 votes, the LEGO PlayStation One is gradually climbing up the Ideas forum charts, where community members like you and me get to vote for our favorite fan-made pieces. If it reaches the 10,000 vote target, LEGO’s internal team will consider making this into a box set, following some amount of design refinement.