This Game Boy Advance-shaped macro pad gives you extra functionality with a sprinkle of nostalgia

Although the Megalodon NinDoio isn’t designed to actually be held in your hand, the tabletop macro-pad has a rather inviting design that evokes a sense of fond nostalgia. Modeled on the popular Game Boy Advance’s unique shape, the NinDoio is a customizable controller with as many as 17 inputs. It features six buttons on the left side, nine clicky keys in the center, and two clickable scroll knobs on the right. The NinDoio is capped off with an aluminum shell on the top, and a translucent base that actually glows when plugged in. Designed to be custom-mapped to match your workflow, the NinDoio is a fun controller to have on your tabletop while rapidly enhancing your productivity!

Designer: Megalodon

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Similar to other high-end macro controllers, the NinDoio is VIA compatible, allowing for control mapping with the ability to utilize up to four layers of functionality. The device, although designed to look like it’s for gameplay, works with productivity tools and software too. You’ve got 9 mappable keys front and center, with the familiar keyboard-style concave keycap design and Outemu switches underneath. A functional D-pad on the left lets you map additional keys, while clickable knobs on the right let you control gameplay aspects like scrolling through a weapon wheel or toggling brightness/volume, or can even be used with work apps and software like toggling brush sizes in Photoshop, or panning/seeking within Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

The keys are blank, but come with individually addressable LED backlights to help define separate functions. You can install your own keycaps too, should you choose. The NinDoio comes in Black, Blue, Soy, and White color variants, but with a little work and some spray-paint, I recommend getting yours colored purple like the original Nintendo Game Boy Advance! The Megalodon NinDoio Macropad is available on Drop for a price of $69.

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Images via Randomfrankp