Getting Techie Onsite

SoftSheet is a device aimed at making presentations of blueprints by architects, engineers, contractors and site workers, easy. While tablets do offer a degree of convenience, SoftSheet takes the screening a notch higher by taking advantage of a foldable, touchsensitive, transparent display. The technology is almost here, so it is quite plausible to imagine an architect showing his work to clients using the device and syncing his files from his USB or smartphone backup.

Designer: Gautham Varma for g3 Studio


  • anonymous says:

    I think this ia a brilliant idea for easy and quick working for an achitect especially. Kudous to the guy who came up with this idea, i how he gets financed to create something like this and make it affordable to.Great work buddy looking for more from creatives minds like you.

  • tyler says:

    Honestly, not really a good idea for an architect. job sites are messy, too many people involved and an expensive device like this would be money down the drain. When things are printed there’s also a record of EXACTLY what a contractor has in the drawings that were given. Turning digital leaves more room for error.

  • Jimmy C says:

    @Tyler: There would probably be some sort of online or file backup, right? Problem solved.
    Okay, nice! I can see this being used for more than blueprints, though. Good job!

  • Landon C says:

    It’s like a more awesome iPad for architects.

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