LEGO Xbox Series S lends gamers a canvas to showcase their unique identity in real world

Deeming Xbox Series S as the best gaming console of all time will raise eyebrows of PlayStation 5 fanatics, but for cool futuristic looks, the latter is a better bet, I’ve to admit. The plain rectangular shape of the Xbox gaming console, missing any aerodynamic curves could do with some design upgrades, but we’ve to live with it.

The next best thing is to use Microsoft’s latest and greatest gaming console as the canvas for some LEGO magic. Yes, the flat surface of the Series S is the perfect base for etching those LEGO bricks artistically for cool graphical art if you’re a creative gamer.

Designer: Nak Studio

The design studio has mustered up an Xbox console with one side completely dedicated to showcasing one’s custom LEGO art. This can be a pixelated face, landscape silhouette, album art or brand logo. For reference, Nak Studio has showcased the classic LEGO logo, rainbow, and a smiling face to give one’s imagination wings. For an artistic mind, the possibilities are endless with the pallet of LEGO bricks to create custom artwork.

This adds a bit of spice to your gaming sessions, rather than just looking at the monochrome console during short gaming breaks. A nerdy esports gamer would surely want to display his/her avatar to add zing to things. When it get boring, the bricks can be taken off and replaced with a completely different theme. Match this with the usually themed gaming controllers by Microsoft, ones by custom builders or third-party accessory makers, and you’ve got a rocking gaming setup to brag about.

DIY pros will already be looking at this mock-up Xbox console with keen interest, oozing out with ideas to customize an Xbox Series S, Series X, or even the Xbox 360 to have this LEGO building base. After all, this should not be a difficult thing to emulate for a seasoned builder.