This portable three-way smoker makes you the Master of the Pit anywhere you go

There are many techniques and tricks these days that try to recreate certain food smells and tastes with minimum fuss, but they can only go so far. The distinct flavor and scent of smoked food, for example, is extremely difficult to emulate without actually smoking the ingredients. Unfortunately, typical smokers are large and cumbersome to use, and they can only be used outdoors. Smoker guns, on the other hand, are too simplistic and sacrifice quality for convenience. Fortunately, the situation isn’t as hopeless as it sounds, and this portable smoker isn’t just easy to use indoors and outdoors, it even supports three styles of smoking to suit your food and your taste.


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Barbecues and smoked food are some of the more difficult types of dishes to make, mostly because of the inconvenience of where you can do the smoking. Measuring only 24cm x 24cm by 21cm, SMOKER-X tears down those barriers and lets you smoke wherever you want to, even indoors. In fact, this smoker’s body is so compact that it works with any kind of stove top, whether it’s gas, electric, or induction. Whenever you feel the craving for a good smoked dish, you can quickly whip out the SMOKER-X to satisfy your appetite.

Mouth-watering hot bacon.

Hot Smoking – Fire up your wood chips and smoke passes right through to cook your food and infuse it with smoky goodness.

Portability, however, is just one of the tricks up the SMOKER-X’s sleeve. Its versatility lets you smoke any type of food or ingredient using the exact same smoker. Want a traditional hot barbecue? Just place some wood chips inside the main frame, light up a fire underneath, and you’re on your way to a great slab of bacon or steak. The built-in thermometer gives you a precise readout of how hot it is inside.

Perfect cold smoked salmon.

Cold Smoking with Ice – Add ice cubes to the saucer and place it over the wood chips. The smoke cools off as it passes through the ice, infusing your fresh salmon, cheeses and meats with smoky flavor without them heating up or melting.

Smoking more delicate food like salmon, nuts, and cheese? Put ice on the saucer between the wood chips and mesh rack, and you have an instant cold smoker that separates the heat from the smoke.

Wine-infused wings.

Water Smoking with Beer or Wine – The smoke from the wood chips passes through the liquid so that the smoke and beer/wine vapor is absorbed, resulting in juicy spare ribs or chicken infused with flavor.

Cook savory meats by pouring wine into the saucer for water smoking, infusing the food with a special blend of flavors in the process. Whatever the smoking style you want or need, SMOKER-X can handle it without breaking a sweat. Part of the secret is the smoker’s unique design that creates a narrow 6mm pathway for the smoke to pass through the saucer, making it possible to create all types of smoked foods.

Despite its small size, this multi-talented smoker is built to last. Unlike typical smokers that rust over time, SMOKER-X is made from durable and rust-resistant materials, employing three layers of stainless steel 304, aluminum, and stainless steel 404 for good measure. At the same time, the smoker is easy to clean as well and can be safely placed inside dishwashers. They say that productivity is about working smarter rather than harder, and smoking doesn’t get any smarter than this. With a portable yet durable construction and its three-way smoking capability, the SMOKER-X lets you become the barbecue hero of the party anytime, anywhere.

Click Here to Buy Now: $159 $250 ($91 off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left! Raised over $182,000.