This water purifier fits right inside your drinking bottle, giving you fresh water with each sip

I feel like this year’s prepared me with so much material, I could possibly do a PhD on purification. From masks to filters, antimicrobial materials, and even ultraviolet purifiers, I’ve witnessed an absolute explosion of devices that protect and purify, designed to keep you healthy in the long run… and even though this category is saturated, to say the least, something as ingenious as the Nuvoe quickly managed to grab my eye.

Nuvoe isn’t a product as much as it’s an accessory. Designed as a device you can drop into any water bottle (as long as it has a neck diameter of 36mm), the Nuvoe uses UV-C lights to purify the water inside your bottle in under a minute. The Nuvoe attaches to the side of your bottle using a nifty magnetic anchor that sits outside. Drop the Nuvoe in and it automatically snaps to the magnet, turning your bottle into a self-purifying one. Give the bottle a quick shake to activate the Nuvoe and its UV-C LEDs switch on, eliminating any microbial elements in your water by breaking down their DNA in mere seconds, decontaminating your drinking water.

The pod-shaped, Nuvoe fits into most traditional water bottles and flasks. It sports an array of 3 UV-C LEDs that activate when you shake the bottle, switching off when the device emits a ‘beep’ to let you know the water’s safe to drink. The Nuvoe uses a proprietary set of Gallium Nitride UV-C LEDs that emit ultraviolet light at a precise 275nm. At this wavelength, the ultraviolet light is safe to be around, since it doesn’t break down oxygen into individual nascent atoms, creating ozone. Instead, the Nuvoe’s LEDs target just the nucleic acids and the DNAs of microparticles, making the light non-toxic to humans, which means the Nuvoe can be used with transparent bottles. The innovative LEDs also use 1000x lesser power than conventional UV lamps, giving the Nuvoe a whopping 1 month of battery life.

Its portable design means the Nuvoe can be used in bottles, flasks, inside jugs and pitchers, or even be placed within your fridge’s water dispenser! The UV-C LEDs can purify drinking water but are also capable of sanitizing your belongings, which means the Nuvoe can also be plugged into boxes, allowing you to sanitize your phone, keys, and even your masks in mere minutes. The product comes built with an IPx8 water-resistance rating, making it safe to submerge completely in water, and a contact-based charging hub lets you juice up Nuvoe’s battery when not in use.

While Nuvoe’s designed to work almost universally with all bottles, the company does manufacture its own Nuvoe-specific flask, with a highly reflective inner wall to maximize the product’s efficacy. The bottle, which comes in both insulated and non-insulated variants, has its own integrated magnetic anchor which automatically attracts the pod-shaped purifier to it, turning a seemingly regular drinking bottle into an auto-purifying one. Both the bottle as well as the Nuvoe come in a variety of colors and ship in Q2 of 2021. While hopefully, the pandemic will be behind us by then, the approach to a healthy lifestyle should live on for years to come!

Designer: Nuvoe

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Nuvoe – Upgrade Your Bottle With Water Purification

Small yet powerful, the Nuvoe Pod is a UV-C light sanitizer designed to fit inside your water bottle. It purifies your water and cleans your bottle of bio-contamination.

UV-C light is the new industry standard disinfection technology for hospital wards and high traffic public infrastructure and they have miniaturized this technology to a size that can fit inside your water bottle!

Your Bottle & Water Aren’t As Clean As You Think

Water bottles are perfect incubators. They are dark and moist ecosystems where bio-contaminants thrive and grow. Research shows that even with regular washing, 70% of refillable water bottles carry levels of bio-contamination above the FDA recommended limit for bottled water.

Despite chlorination the treated water out of the tap still carries low-levels of bio-contamination, and when you store that water in a dark, moist bottle and drink from it throughout the day, it accumulates and grows between washes. The result? Your favorite water bottle starts to give off that nasty, funky smell and your water starts to develop an ‘off’ taste.

Using Nuvoe is Simple!

Upgrade – Tape the Magnetic Anchor to the outside of your bottle and drop in the Nuvoe Pod. It will magnetically snap into place! You only need to do this once.

Shake – Every time you refill, simply shake for 2 seconds to activate a cleaning cycle.

That’s it! Nuvoe will beep after 1 minute to let you know it finished purifying your water and cleaning your bottle.

It’s as easy as that – now you can enjoy purified, contamination-free water from a bottle that won’t smell.

Upgrade Your Bottle Water

Nuvoe works with all the water bottle brands you would recognize – and even non-branded bottles too.

Constantly Cleans – Nuvoe automatically activates every two hours to kill and prevent the build-up of biofilm that is the culprit of that nasty water bottle smell.

Explore Without Worries – Traveling or want to drink water from a natural water-source? Activate Deep Clean by shaking your bottle for 4 seconds to start an extra-rigorous 3-minute cleaning cycle.

More Than One Bottle? Swap Them Out – With additional Magnetic Anchors you can move the Pod amongst your bottles to always drink the cleanest water, no matter what you’re doing.

One Month’s Charge – Charge your Pod using the supplied magnetic USB cable. One charge is good for 30 days of daily use.

It Doesn’t Stop There

Upgrade All Your Water Containers – You can upgrade other water dispensing and storage devices around the home like filtered water pitchers, jugs & carafes, fridges with a dispensing water containers, and pet water accessories!

Switch Nuvoe to auto-mode by holding the power button for 5 seconds. It will now automatically turn on at a regular basis to keep your water containers as clean as can be.

Sanitize Anything – UV-C light can sanitize more than just water! Nuvoe is not permanently attached to your water bottle so you can take it out and use it to sanitize more things around the house like your phone, keys, or face mask.

Just attach Nuvoe inside any metallic tin with reflective internal surfaces, double tap the button to start a cleaning cycle and you’re ready to go!

Accessories with a Nuvoe Bottle

Nuvoe bottles are specially designed to work with the Nuvoe Pod. They feature a built-in Magnetic Anchor, come in a great variety of colors, and have a highly reflective internal surface to improve Nuvoe’s ability to freshen your water and clean your bottle.

The Nuvoe bottle comes in two types. Choose between a high capacity non-insulated bottle or upgrade to an insulated version to keep your drinks cold all day long.

Click Here to Buy Now: $40 $100 (60% off).