Top 10 automotive designs of September 2022

We’ve been seeing a torrential and exciting downpour of automotive designs at Yanko Design in September 2022. Each automotive was innovative, bringing to us something we had never seen nor experienced before. From killer speed to dashing good looks, to impenetrable safety standards, every automotive we featured at YD broke some design barrier for us, and hopefully, they did the same for you as well. Hence, we’ve curated a collection of automotive designs that we feel were the best of the lot! From a modernized Ford dune buggy to an Apple supercar concept – each of these drool-worthy automobiles is mercilessly pushing the boundaries of the automotive industry! Automotive enthusiasts will be itching to get their hands on them, and take them for a spin on the streets!

1. The Fordzilla Hypervan

Dubbed the Fordzilla Hypervan, this dune buggy derives its overall inspiration from the reptilians. The matte black color it’s draped in is a tell-tale sign of its Godzilla design influence. If you see that typical Batmobile influence, you are not alone! The occurrence of matte orange hues on the outside and inside highlight the sharp character of the ride. The battery on the rear indicates its rear-wheel-drive origins, and therefore, a better balance and handling. The Hypervan gets all glass doors that are gull-winged, and look absolutely gorgeous. These doors are an extension of the windshield and panoramic glass roof which adds a sense of airiness to the four-wheeler.

2. Citroën La 2 Deuche Concept

The legendary 1945 Citroën 2CV often referred to as the umbrella on wheels had a fixed profile convertible bodywork and roll-back sunroof. To revive the nostalgic memories of this economy family car, designer Jean Louis Bui has penned an electric concept in a modern avatar. Dubbed the Citroën La 2 Deuche Concept, this cheeky mini car has a sense of airiness to it. Retro DNA of the vehicle is visible in the section over the wheels, the headlights, and the accordion-like retracting rooftop which turns it into a convertible.

3. The 2024 Ford Mustang

The 2024 Ford Mustang is here with a toned muscular look (the four-wheeler has been working out it seems) and tech-infused interiors. The bodywork is now edgier and loses some of the contours, confirming its appeal to the new generation. Of course, the 2024 Mustang retains the attractive proportions of its predecessors, and that’s a big relief. The front end is inspired by the original Mustang with a more squarish aesthetic. That’s contrasted by the headlights with tri-bar LED elements and the three-bar taillights which are even more prominent now. The rear overhang is now shorter and the hips are slightly wider for that sex appeal.

4. The Arrival ANT

Meet the Arrival ANT, a modern EV that is a passenger hauler one day and the very next day turns into a heavy load carrier with a visible difference in size. This freedom comes courtesy of the attachable modules that can be hooked onto the EV on demand. Primarily envisioned for the sophisticated yet chaotic urban scene of London, the concept is designed to be ultra-customizable to take on the high streets to haul a heavy load, as well as the narrow ones where a sleek means of transport is desired. The designers looked beyond the mere commute needs, and also focus on the utility aspect of vehicles.


This stealth supercar dubbed HIPECAR comes with the promise of High Performance Carbon Reduction (that’s where the name convention comes from) without giving up on agility and lightweight characteristics too much. For now, the sportscar is in the prototype stage and the first production version will be released in a couple of years’ time. The supercar having aluminum monocoque with carbon-fiber body parts will have a Cosworth-sourced 62-kilowatt-hour battery capable of powering the beast for a range of 150 miles. The option to peak this figure will come in the form of a Cosworth turbine range extender producing 35 kW of power.

6. The Model-Z

Meet the Model-Z electric bike crafted for motorbike lovers who crave a unique lifestyle of commuting in cities without compromising on the riding experience. The ride is made to be light weighted for easy maneuvering in crowded cityscapes. The designer focuses on the signature visual element inspired by the likes of BMW who are known for the “Kidney Grille” design or Tesla’s iconic front look symbolic of speed and futuristic DNA.

7. The Apple iCar

Meet the Apple iCar, a conceptual automobile from the mind of Ukraine-based Echo Studio. Created as an entry for the Motion Design Contest, the concept explores what it would be like for Apple to launch a high-end electric supercar that stands out even against other EV stalwarts like Tesla and Polestar. The vehicle has a rather luxurious supercar-inspired appeal to it. I see a little bit of the Audi R8 and the lesser-known Lamborghini Asterion in the iCar. The vehicle has an aggressive, speedy silhouette, a rounded back, and some beautifully designed headlights and taillights. There’s obviously an Apple logo on the front, but each wheel sports some drop-dead gorgeous rims with Apple logos on them too.

8. 3-wheeled BMW R100 Custom Build

Designed by Cumpert Contraptions, this custom BMW build is just that – an oddball contraption that captivates the eye with its retro punk demeanor. Resting on three wheels instead of the usual two, this quirky beauty once used to be a 1992-model BMW R100R Mystic, which Tim Cumpert got his hands on for his mad-scientist project. He sawed the front off, replacing it with a chassis taken from an ATV, and built out his vision using that as his framework. “The three-wheeler was inspired by pre-war racing cars, which I am a big fan of,” he told Bike EXIF. “When I started this project back in 2012, Morgan had just released their new 3 Wheeler. But the main drive for this project was that I wanted to try my hand at sheet aluminum fabrication.”

9. Volvo XC Concept

The boxy nature of the Volvo XC concept seems like a hat-tip to the Swedish company’s humble design beginnings, although that modern, minimalist appearance feels a lot like the Polestar ethos was also brought to the table. The result, however, is an SUV that looks fantastic. The clean design doesn’t look boring, and there are enough subtle details to guide the eye and keep people transfixed. Truly a masterclass in Scandinavian automotive design, and a lesson that all automotive brands should consider taking.

10. DeLorean Omega 2040

This Baja-styled concept is nowhere close to reality by 2022 standards, but then, we are talking of the year 2040. The electric vehicle will be tailored for off-road trails, perhaps designed for a radically changed topography owing to climate change and human-induced drought. DeLorean themselves is labeling this design as something that’s a complete detour from the traditional automotive design. The independent suspension system on all four wheels hints at its high-performance quotient without any doubt. Coming from the house of DeLorean, it’s not surprising since they are accustomed to creating futuristic rides.