This Tesla bike concept has a peculiar x-factor with enough firepower to back it

The idea of futuristic bike designs can germinate from even the most unrelated roots, and we’ve seen quite a chunk of them. The majority of these motorbike concepts have a beefy muscular character which at times can get boring. And yes, all of them are draped in dark skins for that intimidating presence.

So, how about a Tesla concept bike design that hangs on to the futuristic theme without having a very recognizable, stale aesthetic?

Designer: 張 彥齊

Meet the Model-Z electric bike crafted for motorbike lovers who crave a unique lifestyle of commuting in cities without compromising on the riding experience. The ride is made to be light weighted for easy maneuvering in crowded cityscapes. The designer focuses on the signature visual element inspired by the likes of BMW who are known for the “Kidney Grille” design or Tesla’s iconic front look symbolic of speed and futuristic DNA.

The Tesla-branded bike gets hubless wheels and a contoured edgy design which highlights its futuristic character, and of course Tesla’s signature influence. The two-wheeler emphasizes the high riding position and balanced rider driving aesthetics. Just like we pressed on the dark looks of concept bikes, the Model-Z has a rare light-colored theme which is aptly refreshing. That curvy handlebar and the iRobots inspired from section absolutely hits a home run in terms of uniqueness. This alone could lure prospective bike lovers into the honey trap!

Power on the bike is delivered based on the mode selected just like you would find on any roadster these days. It can go from 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 200 km/h. A full charge of 2.5 hours ensures a 280 km range and for those busy days, one can extract a 75 km range with just 20 minutes of charging.

The side profile of the Model-Z is what we personally are drooling over – just look at this smooth operator in cool white and bronze-colored inserts.