This superyacht doubles as a submarine capable of staying underwater for four days straight

Dutch yacht builder U-Boat Worx has been surprising us repeatedly with their submersibles – this time it’s no different. The Breda-based company currently offers more than 20 submersibles including ones for personal use, and has many concepts in their kitty for a cyberpunk future.

Their latest concept ideation is a 123-foot-long luxury superyacht capable of morphing into a submarine for the freakin’ wealthy. Dubbed the Nautilus, the future-forward watercraft’s blueprint was revealed at the Monaco Yacht Show. The inspiration for the design comes from Jules Verne’s science fiction novel “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” which ignited the possibility of a luxury yacht 150 years ago.

Designer: U-Boat Worx

1250-ton Nautilus is powered by a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system that hurls it at a top speed of nine knots on the surface (in yacht mode) and four knots while in submerged mode. The maximum depth the vessel can dive without any problem is 656 feet, so one can expect to explore unprecedented underwater life like never seen before on a personal watercraft. According to U-Boat Worx chairman and founder Bert Houtman, Nautilus will change the complexion of “the yachting market” and it’ll “never be the same again.”

The luxury carrier comes with four staterooms for passengers, quarters for the six crew members, and the owner gets to stay in the flamboyant main suite. There’s a dining room, full galley, lounge area with panoramic windows under the water line, and a whole lot of modern amenities to make the stay rememberable. When above the water, the craft has a huge sundeck, freshwater pool, a bar and an alfresco dining table to bask in luxury for summer holidays. For underwater divers, there’s a pressure-resistant electric tender called the Aronnax. It can ferry up to five seafarers, and the all-electric tender boat is stored below the aft desk when the superyacht takes a dive underwater.

Nautilus can cruise underwater for six hours in one go, and stay put underwater for four straight days – just in case you have apprehensions of a future apocalypse on land. This makes for a perfect escape when the seas are too rough for the superyacht to float safely. We are super excited as U-Boat Worx promises deliveries for Nautilus within 30 months with a price tag of $24.5 million. Since, it doubles as two vessels in one, that exorbitant price tag is more than justified!