This Citroën 2CV inspired electric concept shines in dual-tone colors and modern styling

The legendary 1945 Citroën 2CV often referred to as the umbrella on wheels had a fixed profile convertible bodywork and roll-back sunroof. This world’s first front-wheel-drive car was produced between 1948 – 1990 with more than 3.8 million units sold. In fact, the ride mirrored the Volkswagen Beetle in more ways than not. The definite charm of both these cars is truly undeniable all these years, and still continues to brush automotive fans.

To revive the nostalgic memories of this economy family car, designer Jean Louis Bui has penned an electric concept in a modern avatar. Dubbed the Citroën La 2 Deuche Concept, this cheeky mini car has a sense of airiness to it. Retro DNA of the vehicle is visible in the section over the wheels, the headlights and the accordion-like retracting rooftop which turns it into a convertible. According to Jean the styling is picked from the simple lines and silhouette of the inspiration – particularly the Charleston version. The rest of it has the more modern profiling – especially the side profile and rear. Those taillights and the wheels do give off the futuristic vibe, and as far as the exterior goes, it ends there.

Designer: Jean Louis Bui

The big Citroën logo on the grille makes the modern-looking version of the 2CV come alive combined with the dual colorway in shimmering black and red. The other color option the designer goes for is the sea green and black which also looks nice but I would not go for this one if ever Citroën plans to revive the classic for real. That Charleston-influenced bio-tone color is quite evident in here, and it’s refreshing. Also, this has to be a playful vehicle owing to its style and colors, just like the Citroën 2CV back in its glorious time. The designer in his submission emphasized that the concept embodies the “emblem of France as well as the Eiffel Tower, the baguette or the croissant.”