Top 10 accessories that pair up perfectly with Apple’s new launches

Since its foundation in 1976, Apple has been always been at the peak of modern innovation! The groundbreaking tech giant never fails to surprise us, we always find ourselves biting our nails and squirming with curiosity, whenever Apple announces a new product launch! My Apple devices are some of my most prized possessions – in the sense that I simply cannot do without them! My MacBook holds all the documents and data I hold holy in my life, whereas my iPhone stores the details of every single person I know. I would truly be lost without my gadgets. As ingenious as Apple products can be, it’s always fun to amp them up with a few exciting accessories. From luxurious + eco-friendly iPhone 14 cases to an accessory that allows your iPhone to be used as a webcam for your MacBook – these innovative accessories are the perfect sidekicks to Apple’s new launches!


Taking inspiration from Sony’s QX10 and QX100 modular camera lenses, SCIO is a mirrorless lens that simply attaches to your iPhone via MagSafe. Snap it on and your smartphone is now a professional shooter capable of much more realistic portrait shots and telephoto images. Combine this with Apple’s own computational photography chops and the SCIO turns the iPhone into easily the best camera a consumer can own, without breaking the bank.

2. Mujjo’s iPhone 14 Cases

Mujjo has already created a collection of luxurious cases for the iPhone 14! The cases are supposed to be the company’s most eco-friendly ones to date. The cases are created from Ecco Leather, which is now Gold Rated by the Leather Working Group. The beautiful vegetable-tanned leather is produced in the Netherlands and provides a durable finish that will develop a patina over time, making each individual case unique. The interior of the case is lined with the finest Japanese microfibre – which is slim, lightweight, and yet extremely strong. It has a stunning satin-like finish which gives the case a really elegant and luxurious feel.

3. Apple AirTag Metal Carabiners

The AirTags can be pretty plain, perhaps even too plain, so these precision metal work carabiners try to give it a little more personality while also keeping your property safe and always within reach, even when they’re lost. Unlike typical metal carabiners, these AirTag carabiners aren’t made from melted metal poured into casting. Instead, each part is precision made from solid metal, carefully crafted by hand to produce a more solid and more durable product. Given those conditions, each item might have slight variations, resulting in something that is like a unique edition per piece.

4. The Neo Pro

Although third-party styluses almost always end up being trashy substitutes for the Apple Pencil, Adonit seems to have brought out the big guns with the Neo Pro – a stylus that looks and functions as close to the Apple Pencil as humanely possible. It glides across your iPad’s surface with the kind of precision and grace you’d expect from Apple’s own hardware and even snaps to the side of your iPad to charge magnetically and wirelessly. The Neo Pro is the only stylus that charges wirelessly off the iPad. It also comes with native palm rejection and replaceable nibs, and it even boasts tilt sensitivity – a feature that was only reserved for the Apple Pencil and Logitech’s Crayon stylus.

5. Belkin’s Continuity Camera Accessory

Belkin’s Continuity Camera accessory sounds like a fantastic idea, one that Apple enthusiasts in you would be gearing to try!  From how it appears, the Belkin device – in the making – is an all-white circular peripheral that attaches to the iPhone’s back with MagSafe. I’m not sure of the material it’s made from but presume it will be soft silicone so it leaves no scratches on the back of the Mac when it’s mounted. When attached to the Mac at the ideal spot where the webcam features, the Continuity Camera automatically activates to allow the iPhone to be used as the webcam.

6. Something

This is the coolest way to get that super cool translucent rear without shelling out money for the Nothing Phone (1). The device outfitter pros have created a line-up of cool case covers dubbed “Something” for the major flagships on the market. The attractive skin will be available for devices including the iPhone Pro Max, Pixel 6 Pro, and the Samsung S22 Ultra. Depending on the response for these devices, support for even more handsets is inevitable. Dbrand plans to release a Nintendo Switch version too which will be interesting for mobile gamers.

7. CaseBand’s Apple Watch Case

I’m pretty sure there’s a sizeable group of people who like the Apple Watch for its functionality but not for its looks. For that select bunch, CaseBand’s Apple Watch Case lets you switch out your smartwatch’s Silicon Valley aesthetic for something much more premium. With a premium rose-gold and anodized black finish, the Switch is simply a metal case that covers your existing apple watch, giving it a visual overhaul, without compromising on the watch’s capabilities. Each case encloses your Apple Watch’s main hardware unit, exposing the screen on the front in a way that’s still easy to access, while also keeping the sensors and charging points on the rear of the watch uncovered.

8. The G4 charger

The G4 charger is a wonderful throwback accessory that reminds me of that Elago charger that turned the Apple Watch into the Macintosh. Its design, however, doesn’t seem to have aged the way the Macintosh has. Even by today’s standards, the iMac G4 is an incredibly eye-catching device that you’re sure to be amazed by. The charger condenses that beauty down into a small device that is equally good at drawing your attention to the iPhone that sits on it.

9. Elago W4 Apple Watch stand

Dubbed Elago W4 Apple Watch stand, the retro dock as I said, is designed to bring added functionality with nostalgic charm to the bedside table. It’s not as colorful as the original iMac G3; it comes in two aqua blue and aqua pink colors, which should offer a near retro feel you’d like as an iMac fan. Coming to the functionality, the W4 stand works will all Apple Watch Series (1,2,3,4,5, SE, and 6) and it is compatible with Apple Watch Nightstand Mode.

10. The Slim Dock

Designed to look as sleek as something Apple itself would release (it’s an art that Satechi has wonderfully perfected), the Slim Dock upgrades your 24″ M1 iMac with extra ports and even extended SSD storage. The Slim Dock comes with the same machined aluminum outer as the iMac itself and is available in the default silver as well the anodized blue to match your blue iMac. Rest it on your iMac’s base and it looks almost like a part of the machine. Once plugged in, it gives your sleek iMac the two things it lacks – a whole host of ports and expandable storage!