Inexpensive eInk Cell Phone

The aim of this eInk Cell Phone is to provide mobile phone goodness at a fraction of the cost. According to the designer, the final price should be no more than $200. The focus is on the battery life and that it can play second fiddle to your primary smartphone. Listen to music, read a book or the news – all without having to worry about the battery.

Designer: Fabrice Dubuy


  • Steve says:

    $200 for an E-Ink cell phone?!?!?! what an outrageous price point. If this were a real product and was sold for anything above $19 it would be laughed out of ANY store.

    You can get devices like the Lumia 530, which has a REAL screen and is superior to this in almost every conceivable way for $79

    But from a design standpoint this is quite nice looking… even if it is a bit too much of an old iPhone clone, well done

  • not steve says:

    As long as you realize that that 79$ phone has a tiny 1430 mAh battery and operates a lot like a turd with a “REAL” screen attached to it. It’s also pretty clear to me that whoever did these renderings also doesn’t know very much about pricing or manufacturing, but they aren’t wrong in the fact that this phone wouldn’t require a lot of RAM or processor power, leaving plenty of space for an oversized battery.

    I’m personally sick of the discount phones being slow, unusable bricks, because the companies making them cut the wrong corners. I know that this phone would suffer under the techy scene, but it’s perfect for most people over 40 who are left confused by the prices and features of techsavy phones anyway. So design aside, the idea is what’s strong here.

  • Steve says:

    You clearly havent used a Lumia 530 then, its incredibly fluid and stable. Maybe youre purchasing the wrong low end devices.

    A phone like this, even if the battery lasted a week, would never sell for more than $40, NEVER.

  • I like it. High-tech and cool.

  • P pradeep Kumar says:

    I want to buy this mobile how to buy

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