The Satechi Slim Dock sits perfectly on your Apple iMac’s base, giving you extra storage and ports

It’s also exactly the same size as the Magic Keyboard, allowing you to stack the two together, should you choose!

Designed to look as sleek as something Apple itself would release (it’s an art that Satechi has wonderfully perfected), the Slim Dock upgrades your 24″ M1 iMac with extra ports and even extended SSD storage. The Slim Dock comes with the same machined aluminum outer as the iMac itself and is available in the default silver as well the anodized blue to match your blue iMac. Rest it on your iMac’s base and it looks almost like a part of the machine. Once plugged in, it gives your sleek iMac the two things it lacks – a whole host of ports, and expandable storage!

Designer: Satechi

If Apple’s proved one thing, it’s that it’s really good at anticipating the needs of its users – but there’s a caveat. Sometimes it conveniently ignores those needs to build machines that are slim, beautiful, and premium. That’s where Satechi comes in, with its bespoke accessories that fill in the gaps that the design team at Apple rather obviously left. Last year, they debuted the USB-C clamp hub, a multiport hub that clamped to the base of the iMac display, giving you important front-facing ports. The Slim Dock, however, takes things a step ahead, with more ports, faster connections, and even space for SSDs in a slick form that integrates into your iMac’s design, instead of those ugly external hard drives that take away from the iMac’s clean aesthetic.

The Slim Dock features a 10 Gbps USB-C data port, 10 Gbps USB-A data port, 2 x USB-A 2.0 ports, micro/SD card reader slots, and a tool-free NVMe SSD enclosure that you can easily access without needing to call a technician. It’s worth noting that the USB ports are data ports and don’t support charging… although the remaining USB-C ports on the back of the iMac are still always up for grabs if you want to hook up a MagSafe charger or any other wireless charging station.

What’s definitely one of the more lesser-appreciated remarkable things about the Satechi Slim Dock is the fact that it’s designed to be exactly the same size as Apple’s Magic Keyboard! It’s the kind of attention to detail that Steve Jobs cultivated in Apple’s team, and the fact that Satechi consciously made this decision too just shows the incredible synergy between the two companies and their hardware!

Satechi’s USB-C Slim Dock for the 24″ iMac starts at $149.99, and ships with a 1-year warranty.