3D printed Blizzflosser is the most customized and quickest way to gently floss all your teeth at once

Dentists advise us to add flossing to our regular brushing routine at least before bedtime. To be true, I am not a regular flosser. The biggest hindrance for me is the manual effort involved in going individually between all the interdental regions. Thankfully someone, troubled with flossing time as much as me, has conceived a device to let us floss all the teeth at once and that under 15 seconds. The customized Blizzflosser is an interesting device that would really make flossing convenient provided you have the zeal to stuff an odd 3D-printed denture into your mouth every time you want to floss!

Flossing helps clean up plaque, bacteria, and tiny food particles that stick up between the teeth and are unremovable by brushing. This leads to tooth decay or gum disease. Flossing is thus the easiest way to get rid of these catastrophes and have healthy teeth. Customized to each person’s interdental crevasses, the Blizzflosser is the brainchild of Chris Martin who has already made us fans with the weirdly productive toothbrush-sponge.

Designer: Chris Martin

The Blizzflosser comes with soft floss lined according to an individual’s denture. It is washable and reusable. The floss aligned on the contraption is thin to glide through into the gaps between the teeth and does not hurt the gums. Getting one of these tailored for you is simple; Blizzbrush sends a double-sided special paste tray to you that you bite into to leave about 5mm deep impressions of your upper and lower dentures. You then snap pictures of your production and send them to the company that based on the images customizes and 3D prints a complete denture flosser for you.

Once you have the order delivered, using the Blizzflosser is effortless. Place the device between the upper and lower teeth and gently bite down into it. You’ll have to grind the teeth a little to anchor the floss and when it has found its space, jostle the jaw sideways, back, and forth to floss all your teeth at once. The contraption Chris says, ‘replicates the manual flossing techniques’ dentists recommend. The Blizzflosser arrives in a set of five and the company says, one flosser lasts up to three months of regular use; just rinse it under running water and store it safely for next use.