Razer unveils first ECOLOGO-certified gaming mice in the world


Razer has long been a name trusted in the gaming and tech industries– more popular for its reliable keyboards and mice that offer speed, comfort, and top-notch performance. We have been giving the brand attention for its numerous remarkable products and services in recent years and today is no different as the world’s first gaming mice to be UL ECOLOGO-certified are ready from the company.

We can expect to learn more about Razer’s campaign to reach environmental sustainability in the coming days. More brands and companies are pushing to “go green” to make the planet ready for the future. To start, two eco-friendly products are being introduced by Razer: the DeathAdder Essential and the Basilisk V3.

Designer: Razer


The two new mice accessories come with the UL’s Ecologo certification and they are the first from Razer to get this honor. You will see the certification in their packaging once they are out in the market just before the year 2022 ends. Razer’s Basilisk V3 and DeathAdder Essential passed the certification, specifically, UL2710. The global safety certification company has been established to check and approve the safety of devices and peripherals. UL2710 investigates the many processes that go into producing a device– including the manufacturing materials, use of energy, corporate practices, packaging, manufacturing, operations, end-of-life management, and even extension of useful life.

Razer Basilisk V3

With this milestone, Razer is also the first gaming manufacturer to get a certification. As a result, you will soon see the Ecologo mark in future Razer products and peripherals. The special mark tells us the quality of a product and that it offers less environmental impact. Razer’s Sustainability Manager, Kenneth Ng, had this to say about the new products and certification: “What better way to celebrate World Environment Day than to share with our community that the very mice that help them win in games are also a win for the environment.” Ng also said: “Unlike companies making their own claims about their products being sustainable, we go the extra mile to prove to our fans that our products are truly sustainable.”

Razer Death Adder Essential

The new Razer products receiving the Ecologo Certification have gone through testing and passed a comprehensive list of criteria. This move is very beneficial to Razer and then consumers and the planet Earth in the long run. Sustainable products are the future of manufacturing and gaming, but several industries need to catch up by coming up with standards for measuring sustainability. There was not much effort in the gaming industry until Razer made the first official step. UL and Razer teamed up to work and finally produced these industry-level standards for the market Razer and other related manufacturers should follow. Hopefully, other companies and gadget makers will follow suit by also measuring and monitoring the criteria.

It is not really surprising that tech giant Razer has partnered with UL for this important project. The brand has since been making several steps toward going green like that Razer x Cariuma collaboration, which brought us the Sneki Snek Sneakers, as a part of the #GoGreenWithRazer campaign. As another major step, the ECOLOGO Mark achievement is deemed one of the brand’s many efforts to deliver greener products and services.

RAZER Death Adder Essential 2

RAZER Death Adder Essential 3