This Portable 7-in-1 Welding Station + Plasma Cutter Turns Your Garage into a Full Fledged Workshop

Designed to work as a versatile welding machine and even a high-power plasma cutter, the YesWelder Firstess CT2050 is a portable beast that lets you turn your humble garage into a full-fledged workshop.

The YesWelder CT2050 was designed as a successor to the MP200 5-in-1 portable welder that the company debuted in 2021. In its newest iteration, the portable welder comes with AC/DC TIG (Titanium Inert Gas) welding, AC/DC Pulse TIG Welding, Stick Welding, and Plasma Cutting abilities along with the potential to work with a wider range of materials, including steel, brass, and even aluminum alloys. While last year’s MP200 was made to be a portable entry-point device, the CT2050 satisfies the demands and needs of experts too.

Designer: YesWelder

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The YesWelder Firstess CT2050 comes with an incredibly compact form that houses a built-in compact air-compressor, dual IGBT inverters, and a nifty on-board display that gives you power consumption stats and allows you to toggle between the CT2050’s different functions.

The AC/DC TIG feature instantly allows you to work with a whole catalog of materials. DC TIG provides the perfect environment for welding regular metals like stainless steel but proves to be tricky for Aluminum and Magnesium, causing overheating and blackening. That’s where AC TIG comes in, allowing you to work with softer metals that have oxides on them. This AC TIG feature was made achievable due to the presence of two inverters within the CT2050 that create a bi-directional current that simultaneously breaks the oxides and cuts the metal.

For working with thinner materials, or around corners and trickier spots, the CT2050 has a Pulse TIG setting too. Pulse TIG lets welders try their hands at more difficult projects, like processing extremely thin base metals. With both AC and DC settings, pulse also provides welders the flexibility needed for welding corners, pipes, and other hard-to-reach spots for a wide range of materials.

The CT2050 supports stick welding too, with hot start technology that makes striking an arc easy, even in damp or other challenging situations. The stick welding function also includes a Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) that keeps the welder/operator safe from electric shocks, even in adverse conditions.

VRD prevents electric shock.

PFC tech for smooth welding.

Wondering what settings to work with? The CT2050’s interface has a ‘Smart Mode’ available under TIG welding mode that allows the device to natively figure out the right settings for the job. Just input your material thickness and weld angle, and the CT2050 pretty much does the rest of the guesswork, figuring out the ideal voltage and amperage to give you clean, beautiful welding lines without ugly spatters.

Sure, you can weld metals together… but with the CT2050’s plasma cutter, you can cut metals too. With a higher output current than its previous iteration, the CT2050 can now cut metals as thick as an inch and travel at 20 inches per minute, allowing you to comfortably slice through sheets of metal like butter while also working faster. For higher precision cuts, the built-in air compressor means you can work without needing any external or extra appliances.

“The CT2050 can run a stunning 100% duty cycle at 45 amps and 220V under room temperature of 77℉ (25℃) in Plasma Cutting mode”, mentions the YesWelder team. This effectively means you can plasma-cut for 10 minutes straight without any pauses, letting you slice thin or thick metals with ease. If you can get buy with less power, the CT2050 can be pushed for even longer timelines.

Designed to be used practically anywhere, the CT2050 supports a voltage range of 96V-265V, allowing it to work in a number of different countries, while also saving electricity without compromising on quality or consistency. Dual high-speed fans with a ‘seven leaf design’ also work to keep your CT2050 cool on the inside. The machine also has built-in protections against overheating and overcurrent, ensuring that your CT2050 works for longer while also providing a safe working environment.

Perhaps the most understated feature, however, is the YesWelder Firstess CT2050’s portable design. The device is no larger than a cat-carrier (the only parallel I could think of given its shape and size), weighs 44lbs (20 kgs), and comes with a built-in handle on the top that lets you carry it around from one place to another. Starting at $999 (that’s a 50% discount on its MSRP), the CT2050 comes in a kit with everything you’d possibly need to get the job done, including a 10-inch ground clamp, a plasma cutting kit (torch + air tube), a TIG kit (torch + gas hose ), and an electrode holder for stick welding. As an add-on to the kit, you can even grab a foot pedal that lets you quickly adjust the amperage, and even an incredibly badass YesWelder welding mask that comes with an auto-darkening viewing panel that immediately turns heavily tinted the moment you strike an arc. Oh, and it also comes with an incredibly cool reptilian artwork around the edges!

Click Here to Buy Now: $1099 $1999 (45% off). Hurry, only 35/450 left! Raised over $2.2 million.