The correct formula for mixing Tech and Time

The Smartwatch industry seemed like a bad idea from the get-go. It felt like overkill to have with you a phone that connects you to the world, and then a watch that connects you to your phone in your pocket. Now a Smart Clock, that’s something I could rally behind, because it makes sense. The clock’s ever present, always visible, and is more capable of connecting you to your internet-powered world while at home, because your phone could be anywhere, if not in your pocket.

The Glance Clock is the breakthrough product for clocks, the way the Nest was for thermostats. It doesn’t make your home ‘smart’, but it still is an immensely useful smart device at home. A simple innocuous clock on the outside, but a clever LED matrix screen behind the fabric facade, the Glance clock lights up when needed, being your information butler at home, and telling you more than just the time.

The Glance still comes with hands that constantly tell you the time in the classic analog format that we know and love. However, it’s advanced enough to provide a wide variety of other notifications too on command. Ranging from displaying the temperature, to your daily schedule/planner, to notifying you when your phone’s ringing or when your Uber/Lyft has arrived, the Glance aims at amazing you with a user experience that gives you a glimpse of the information you need to know… and sometimes delighting you with a friendly smiley face, humanizing the AI behind the clock.

The Glance doesn’t shy from celebrating the fact that it’s a clock first, and an AI assistant later. The Clock’s design stands out as modern, minimalist, and adaptable to any interior style. The fabric on the face of the clock masks the LED matrix behind, making it look familiar, rather than too modern. However, when the LEDs light up through the fabric, it’s always a delightful experience!

The Glance corrects the mistake the smartwatch industry made, by combining the timepiece and the Internet of Things in the more relevant setup. On your wall, not your wrist. Because you don’t need another portable computer on your person. I’d much rather rally behind the idea of a Smart Clock!

Designer: Glance Tech

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