The Fad Of Molecular Cooking

Gourmet Guru Michelin star chef Juan Mari Arzak, thinks Molecular Cooking is the next step in gastronomical heaven. Presented here are three design concepts – Lunar Eclipse (bowl), Fama (long plate) and Bocado de Luz (serving plate), that take culinary expertise to celestial planes. Juan Mari & his daughter Elena Arzak feel that presentation skills not only entice the palate but also dynamically alter the sensory experience during a meal. “The simple act of placing food on the plates or pouring liquid into the bowl triggers sensory stimuli and causes them to react.”

Juan Mari Arzak says, “Molecular gastronomy has developed from a handful of exponents into a global phenomenon. It has led to the adaptation of scientific laboratory equipment and the invention of new kitchen technology, which makes it a small step to explore the presentation of dishes. The combination of our food creations on the multi-sensorial bone china concepts adds an extra dimension to the dining experience.”

Images Courtesy The Philips Design Food Probe Project.

Designers: Philips Design

Design Probe – Multi-sensorial Gastronomy by Philips Design