This Double Bass Speaker from UB+ gives you a Devialet-rivaling experience for a much better price

Opting for a spherical shape instead of the Phantom’s pill-shaped design, the Double Bass Speaker comes with dual passive radiators on each side that reverberate furiously while playing music, creating that rich, thumping sound that should easily get the hair on the back of your neck standing!

Starting at just $181 (instead of Devialet’s price tag that’s 10x higher), the Double Bass is a sound-pumping globe that can go as loud as above 90 decibels – that’s about as loud as a lawnmower, or slightly less loud than a rock concert. The speaker, however, measures smaller than a soccer ball in diameter (185mm or 7.2 inches to be precise), and is designed to be portable and have a battery life of up to 20 hours to turn those sundowners into till-dawn parties. The Double Bass is even built to be IP55 water resistant, so any accidental splashes won’t do anything to your device.

Designer: UB+

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The speaker’s shape and size are informed directly by its interiors. On the inside, the Double Bass has a massive 4.5″ bass driver, and a 1.5″ tweeter made from silk. The speaker can deliver frequencies as low as 40Hz, and as high as 20kHz with minimal latency and distortion, while two passive radiators on the side cause the speaker’s internal cavity to rapidly change in size, causing the acoustic reverberation needed to make your bass hit even harder than any regular wireless speaker.

The Double Bass sports a slick, minimal design, with just a rotary knob on the top to control volume and playback. The speaker’s body comes with two hooks to attach a leather strap, although if you don’t want to carry the Double Bass around like a kettlebell, each speaker also has an optional tripod stand that elevates it off the ground.

The speakers use the latest Bluetooth 5.3 protocol for low-latency audio streaming even over large distances, and you can even pair two speakers together to turn them into a stereo sound system. In fact, through its ‘Matrix Connect’ feature, UB+ allows you to pair as many as 8 Double Bass Speakers together, although your neighbors sure won’t like you for it. The UB+ app also lets you individually play different music from different speakers, allowing you to hook one to your TV, another to your laptop, or even one in the kitchen playing your favorite podcasts.

On the inside of the Double Bass sits four 2,500 mAh batteries which give the speaker a solid 20 hours of run-time, and charge via USB-C when you run out. The Double Bass comes with a native smartphone app that allows you to harness the most from your speaker, and just in case you want to play music from something other than a smartphone (a TV, BluRay Player, or even a vinyl player), there’s even a 3.5mm audio input for good measure!

Click Here to Buy Now: $181 $260 (30% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!