A mini controller for mobile gamers who love minimalism

Smartphones have evolved to be more than potent gaming devices with constant evolution in processing power. Titles like Genshin Impact, COD Warzone, Car X Street and Asphalt 9: Legends have high-end graphics comparable to consoles and PC titles. Of course, there are capable phones that can play these games at the highest settings without breaking a sweat.

The perfect alibi for serious smartphone gamers who want to gain tactical advantage is a gaming controller. Yes, the likes of 8BitDo Pro 2, Backbone One, GameSir G8 Galileo and Razer Kishi V2 elevate the gaming experience on a smartphone but they are bulky for sure. Imagine holding a 6.8-inch smartphone with the controller mounted on it. This calls for a compact and lightweight option that is easy to carry around and a treat to use.

Designer: Wootae Kim

The Mini Controller is an option for mobile gamers who don’t want to carry around the bulk and also like the compact form factor of the gadget for better ergonomics. Everything on this dongle-sized controller is kept to the minimum with a round joystick, D-Pad buttons and shoulder trigger buttons. This cool gaming controller can be used both in Bluetooth mode and connected mode depending on the titles you want to play. In the latter mode, the accessory can be plugged into the USB-C port and the joystick can be used for the directional control and the on-screen buttons for other input.

The Bluetooth mode works best for FPS shooters and racing games where you want total multidirectional control without missing a move. The connected mode is ideal for playing MMO titles and strategy games like Clash of Clans that require movement in the two-dimensional plane. The designer intends to pitch this controller to Gen-Z mobile gamers who like to explore fresh options. It is easily pocketable just like your earbuds case or can be hooked to a keychain. Also, the availability of the Mini Controller in peppy color options makes it best suited for the younger generation.