This Hand Desk Mic is meant to be held like a hairbrush

Hand Desk Microphone

Enough pretending that your roller hairbrush is a mic when you can have a real one. But hey, the classic microphone design may be intimidating but not this Hand Desk Mic.

What you see is a mic you can use on your desk for whatever purpose. It works with your computer, smartphone, or tablet for when you want to make calls or do video chats. It’s something you can hold in the same way you’re holding an actual mic or if you’re really conservative—like a hairbrush.

Designer: Hélène Bert

Hand Desk Mic Design

Hand Desk Mic Design

The Hand Desk Mic is designed for fun. You can say it’s a novelty item that can make things at home or in the office more fun and exciting. It is shaped like a hairbrush with its thick head. There are horizontal slots The part where you hold the mic is where you can also find the record button and a knob for volume control and power.

This Hand Desk Mic comes in two colors: Dark Gray and Light Gray. However, we think it will look great in other fun colors that kids can also use it. Designed by Hélène Bert, this desk microphone is from someone whose background is industrial design.

Hand Desk Mic Concept

Notice the simplicity of the form and the lines. It’s minimalist, although we wish it has some sort of a stand. We understand it’s meant to be held, but it will be better if it has a place to rest when not in use. We’re not sure if this is rechargeable, but there’s an image with a cable, so it may be good for charging.

Hand Desk Mic Specs

There are plenty of desktop mics available, and we remember some interesting designs. The Desk Microphone Concept can save space in your work area. There’s another one that takes on the classic shape of a radio.

That Pac Man-inspired USB Mic looks cool as its rests snugly on top of your monitor. We also love that Portable Podcasting Microphone that folds up into a baton. During the early days of the pandemic, we thought the Rode NT USB was really cool and could be the best budget mic for podcasting.

Perhaps the Mike 226 can be another winner for better visuals and audio. There’s also that Logitech Streamcam-inspired Podcast Mic that we thought can be a must-have for every influencer’s desk setup. And like these mics previously listed, the Hand Desk Mic’s design is straightforward so we know this can be a bestseller if it finally hits production and the market.

Hand Desk Mic Features