Top 10 Sleek & Innovative Accessories For Your MacBook

I honestly cannot do without my MacBook, probably because it is one of my most prized possessions! It contains basically everything I hold important in my life – from work documents to memorable pictures from even ten years ago. And not to mention, I do end up spending most of my day, typing away and working on my MacBook. Since it is such an integral part of my daily and work routine, I’m always looking for ways to elevate my MacBook. I love innovative and nifty gadgets that function as the perfect sidekick to my MacBook, helping me boost my daily productivity and efficiency. Here, we’ve curated a few of our favorite MacBook accessories that’ll promise to level up your already awesome and beloved MacBook. From a 6-in-1 MagSafe charger to a Satechi Triple 4K docking station – these are must-have accompaniments to your MacBook, and the best investments of 2023 for Apple lovers!

1. Magic Bar

The Magic Bar is essentially a portable Touch Bar that can be utilized and paired externally with any Apple peripheral. The portable toolbar has similar features to the Touch Bar, with a recognizable design that aligns horizontally with the keyboard. When you merge the Magic Bar with your iPhone, it allows for multiple smart home shortcuts!

2. CASA Hub Stand Pro

The CASA Hub Stand Pro is designed for the MacBook, and it is able to elevate any laptop up to 29cm in height. It offers an ergonomic position that will not strain your neck. You can set it lower in case you don’t have an external keyboard or if you want to use its inclined platform. It features a high-precision load-bearing mechanism that can support loads of up to 3.5kg.

3. 6-in-1 Charger

Meet the world’s first Apple-certified 6-in-1 MagSafe Charger designed by ESR. The charger is equipped with a GaN semiconductor, and it doesn’t simply charge your smaller Apple devices, it can directly charge your MacBook too by delivering 100W of power. It is an all-in-one solution for your charging requirements!

4. Pixy Mini

Touted as the most powerful power bank for its size, the Pixy Mini is this pocket-friendly, granola bar-shaped power bank with a capacity of 5,000mAh and a 20W power delivery, making it capable of recharging practically any portable gadget you’ve got on hand… even your laptop. What’s so impressive about the Pixy Mini is its deceptively small size.

5. Triple 4K Docking Station

Called the Triple 4K Docking Station, this accessory is designed to expand the limitations of the Mac. The dock is an appropriate fit for the M1 which has a single monitor or even the M2 which can be extended to two screens. It can extend to three extra displays and it provides a 4K HDMI port at 60Hz, and a pair of HDMI slots or the DisplayPort outputs.

6. Belkin’s Continuity Camera

Belkin’s Continuity Camera accessory is an all-white circular peripheral that can you attach to the iPhone’s back with MagSafe. Made from soft silicone, you can mount it on your Mac and it leaves no scratches. When attached to the Mac at the ideal spot where the webcam features, the Continuity Camera automatically activates to allow the iPhone to be used as the webcam.

7. The Slim Dock

Designed to look as sleek as something Apple itself would release (it’s an art that Satechi has wonderfully perfected), the Slim Dock upgrades your 24″ M1 iMac with extra ports and even extended SSD storage. The Slim Dock comes with the same machined aluminum outer as the iMac itself and is available in the default silver as well as the anodized blue to match your blue iMac.

8. OS

Called the OS, this wallpaper and icon pack by Ben Vassey gives your new MacBook or iMac a super cool retro appeal. The OS provides a vintage appeal to the Mac machines by using the original ‘hello’ wallpaper from the 1984 Mac. It also offers a pack of 166 matching vintage icons for all your common software and apps!


Designed to be portable and compact, HUB–OX initially comes as a lightweight, palm-sized USB-C hub, which splits into two halves, both equipped with plenty of charging slots, HDMI connections, and ethernet ports. HUB–OX is compatible with MacBook Pro models that have four USB-C ports, generally any MacBook Pro from 2016 or any of its succeeding generations.

10. SuperTank

Sixty minutes is all that it takes for the SuperTank to power up and be ready for deployment. This 27,000 mAh portable charger with dual USB-C PD (100W + 60W) and dual USB-A ports, has the potential to quickly charge MacBook Pros and many other devices. What this means to people on the go, is that they don’t have to worry about carrying excess wires, multiple power plugs, and compatible sockets, when they are out of the home or office.