At just $91, the RODE NT-USB Mini is the best budget podcasting microphone you can buy

Without getting into the deep end, audio equipment can be a tricky business. The usual problem with audio gear is that its price tag is almost indicative of its quality. The higher the price, usually the better the quality, and the lower the cost, the larger the compromise on your end result. The RØDE NT-USB Mini is changing that notion. With a price tag that’s nearly half as expensive as a pair of Airpods, the NT-USB Mini is a small, powerful, studio-quality condenser microphone that’s easy on the ears, eyes, and the wallet.

There are a lot of things the NT-USB Mini gets right just off the bat. With a USB interface, the microphone becomes instantly compatible with laptops, and doesn’t require any mixers or additional equipment like phantom power sources. Just plug the mic in and you’re ready to go. An in-built Pop Filter helps cut down on any sudden popping sounds (known as plosives), keeping your recording sharp and clear, while a volume knob built right into the mic’s design lets you work the mic’s amplifier levels. Designed for studio as well as out-of-studio use, the mic comes with a threaded base that attaches to studio mic-stands, but has its own dedicated desk-stand inside the box for podcasting and indie recording purposes. The desk stand features 2-axis swiveling to help position the mic exactly how you want it, and right at the bottom is a flat, magnetic base that allows the microphone to hold its place, preventing it from accidentally being knocked over. Pretty neat, huh?

Made for streamers, gamers, musicians, podcasters, professionals, and basically everyone who wants to create audio content, the NT-USB Mini is the perfect piece of gear to turn that small space you call a desk into a literal recording booth. Pop an adapter on and you could even connect the NT-USB Mini to a tablet too!

Designer: RØDE