Pac-Man-inspired USB Mic rests snugly on the top corner of your desktop monitor

Using a neat 3/4th circular shape to cut the blocky design of your laptop or desktop’s screen, Andrew Edge’s Pac-Man microphone drifts away from your average microphone design and opts for something much more eye-catching.

The microphone, which Andrew designed for Render Weekly’s Instagram Challenge, sports a circular design that’s made to intersect with the corner of your monitor. While Andrew didn’t really give the microphone a name or identity, someone in the comments was quick enough to point out how similar it looked to Pac-Man and that reference immediately clicked. To me, it feels almost like a yellow dialogue-box emerging from the corner of your laptop – a reference that seems perfect considering the gadget is, in fact, a microphone!

Cleverly enough, Andrew’s design doesn’t need a stand. It comfortably rests on the corner of your desktop monitor, connected to your computer via a USB-C cable that trails at the back, obscured from view. The yellow microphone by default ends up facing the user (because your desktop screen almost always faces the user too), and a nifty little light at the center lets you know when the microphone’s operational and recording – not only letting you know whether you’re on mute during a video call, but also giving you a quick heads up if a website or program is spying on you!

Designer: Andrew Edge