The Sky’s the Limit for Medical Delivery Drones


Taking inspiration from Airbus’ existing family of cutting-edge aircraft, the Airbus A-180 Drone project looks a lot like something that might already exist in their modern fleet! However, the scaled-down design is less concerned with moving people and more about helping them during emergencies.

To deliver a payload of emergency supplies, it utilizes three double engines – one at the rear for forward thrust and two integrated in the wings for upward and downward maneuvering. Able to take off and land vertically or horizontally, it can safely enter danger zones. Upon arrival, it releases a cargo capsule capable of transporting everything from medicine and antivenin to supplemental blood and even organs.

Designer: Reza Salianeh



Changing direction would be able with rotation of two rotors in opposite direction of each other.


The medical cargo capsule has the ability to keep a certain temperature cool or warm and its cap has vacuum sealing to protect the cargo.



Free turbine produces electricity out of wind which is used to recharge batteries inspired from Jaguar CX concept.


To achieve 194 km/h, the drone has a smooth, integrated and aerodynamic body.


1. Flight Control Computer 2. Internal Measurement Unit 3. ADS-B Transponder 4. Antennas and External Mounted System 5. Flight Termination Parachute 6. Flight Termination Launcher 7. Camera System 8. Communication System 9. Air Data System Computer