LUA Pet Plant Lighting is perfect for your indoor plants

LUA Pet Plant Lighting Concept Image

The LUA is one ideal solution for those with pet plants. But, of course, not many people will understand why you have such but don’t worry about what they think.

Well, you don’t really have to call a plant your pet, but we won’t judge if you do. Pretty plants and flowers are quite special, and they deserve all the tender, loving care. Every plant needs a nice pot or vase and proper lighting and ventilation, and you must find the best one.

Designer: Eunsu Lee

LUA Pet Plant Lighting Concept Design

For desk plants, you may consider getting this LUA. It’s a plant lighting solution that can further make your favorite plant stand out. We understand how it can be challenging to care for indoor plants because of insufficient lighting. But there are solutions like the LUA.

Indoor plants help the surrounding by keeping the atmosphere fresh and clean. In addition, for some people, plants help in providing emotional stability. Just one look at your plants and you can already calm down and destress.

LUA Pet Plant Lighting Design

The LUA features a minimalist design: a planter hangs like a swing, carrying whatever plant or flower variety you have. The LUA also comes with a grow light that helps you nurture and cultivate indoor plants. It looks fun as the plant can swing as it hangs in the air.

The unique planter features a minimalist design and delivers harmony to your surrounding. It boasts a clean, white tone for a simple and refreshing look. Wood and leather match the overall white look.

LUA Pet Plant Lighting Concept

LUA Pet Plant Lighting must be balanced so it won’t fall off. Make sure the weight of the plant is just right. The design is very minimalist as no unnecessary wires are exposed. The LED light is what helps the plants grow even in not-so-good environments.

The LUA comes with visual stability, even if it’s just a concept. It’s something we want to see on our desk as it gives life to a rather boring environment. The LED enables the plants to grow as made possible by photosynthesis. So it’s a solution for those areas where there’s not much sunlight, but you still want to grow or display a plant.

LUA Pet Plant Lighting

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LUA Pet Plant Lighting Design Process

LUA Pet Plant Lighting Concept Image