This smart self-watering indoor planter is a futuristic appliance that is almost sculptural in nature

Indoor gardening became all the craze during this pandemic! Since we spent most of our time indoors, gardening became a therapeutic activity that we could engage in. Growing, tending to, and being surrounded by plants is intensely satisfying, all your worries slowly fade away, and you are simply enthralled by nature. Indoor planters are a great option, to nurture plants within the comfort of your own home. They are simple, modern, and almost wholly self-sufficient. The Klaustrafloria planter is one such example! The tall cage-like planter has a sleek futuristic appeal. Available in a stark white color, the planter has been amped with phytolamps, a backlight, and an automatic watering system.

A decorative cage, within which the plants grow, makes up the main body of the planter, followed by a base that consists of a removable inner pot, a water chute, a LED water level indicator, an auto watering system, and a 12-liter water tank. The removable inner pot includes containers that are filled with drainage rocks. Once planted, the plants sprout their roots through the slots in the containers, within 2-3 months. Water is supplied to the plant via the water chute which is connected to the reservoir of water below. Once the plants have grown for more than 2-3 months, they are able to supply themselves with the amount of water they need, owing to the self-watering system. After the 4th month, you only need to fill up the water reservoir once it’s dry. An intuitive indicator lets you know when to fill it, and how much water to fill it with.

The planter is equipped with built-in phytolamps. These lights are extremely useful in the case of young plants, or when it’s winter season, and there isn’t enough light. The LED lights emit light from the exact spectrum that the plants need for photosynthesis. Also, the automatic watering system doesn’t require any power! The phytolamps, backlight, and the indicator that displays the water level, are powered by a power plug, which is inserted at the back of the planter.

The Klaustrafloria is a smart self-watering planter that takes the best care of our plants, as we manage our modern lifestyles. Planters like these make indoor gardening a true pleasure and also super easy to practice.

Designer: Vladimir Popov