Kidear Headset ideal for children as the pair helps prevent ear damage


The Kidear is yet another pair of headphones perfect for the kids. However, we also want to say it’s not just another pair because this is better in many ways.

Kidear has been designed to reduce possible damage to children’s hearing. Using such accessories are already common among the young generation, especially in the past couple of years. With online learning being pushed, using proper headphones has become a standard. It’s not exactly an ideal activity because children’s hearing can be damaged.

Designers: Seungchan Ahn and Yuna Jang

Kidear Colors

The Kidear Headset features lights on the speaker cups to tell parents if the volume is too loud. The pair allows the children to learn proper habits for using the headphones. It shouldn’t be too loud, so parents should check if their kids hear just the right volume to prevent ear damage.

Kidear Features

Proper habits for the usage of headphones must be taught. It can be easier if there are helpful tools and reminders. The Kidear makes it possible for any guardian to know because the light color changes depending on the volume level.

There’s Green, Yellow, and Red. Green and Yellow are just right, while Red means caution, and the volume is too loud. The lights on the ear cups are also filled differently, depending on usage time. The headset works with a companion app that tells you the status of the accessory and the sound level, as well as hours of usage.

Kidear Childrens Headphones

Kidear Headphones

The headphones come in different colors combined with white: Blue, Purple, and Green. The light on the cups also comes in various shapes: Circle, Star, and Heart. The earpads are set in color and are designed to offer comfort, while the main headset handle is white and appears to be adjustable. We see a few control buttons on the right ear: Power, Volume Up, and Volume Down.

Kidear Headset

The headphones offer wireless connectivity, so you don’t see any cable or wire. It can be assumed the pair can be charged and won’t need any external batteries. The pair also appears ready for those cute little ears that need protection. Two Korean designers have designed the pair, so you can notice the playfulness of the headphones as most Korean stuff we know. The use of lights and colors is actually smart as it is easy to tell if there is a need to adjust the volume level, therefore, avoiding possible ear damage.

Kidear Design

Kidear App

Kidear Design Concept

Kidear Lights