Gentlemanly Benz Watch

Automotive enthusiast and designer Marko Petrovic’s Mercedes 320 Tourbillion watch is an homage to the Mercedes Benz type 320, a cabriolet first introduced in 1937. Inspired by the instrument cluster of the 320, the Tourbillion exhibits the same meticulous attention to detail and overall elegance still found in the brand today. Another nod to the automotive influence are hours and minutes shown as miles or kilometers in a racing scale.

Designer: Marko Petrovic


  • spork says:

    What happens at one o’clock? does the hand flip all the way back? otherwise, this is a beautiful piece!

  • Edward James says:

    This is a really nice timepiece, where do i get one?

  • Andrew itkoff says:

    I MUST own one…. Where do I get it? How much? Help, I’m obsessed!

  • Yes. The mechanism is called a ‘flyback’. It is used by many leading time piece brands such as Jeager Le Coultre, Glashutte, IWC and many independent horologists

  • Sameer says:

    Wow. One of the best time pieces I’ve ever seen.
    Pls help me buy one.

  • MDesigns says:

    Beautiful concept. The retro-automotive look is outstanding. I must point out that the MB star looks a bit cheap (like a stamping instead of a casting)in the close up. and the mechanism screws could be nicer. But overall the watch and concept is decidedly high end.

  • Jason says:

    Oh my goodness, this is beautiful. I think this pays more respect to the car compared to the Lamborghini Avenger watch, which is still cool. But this watch IS the car.

  • Camidrs says:

    Her really nice & how much it cost??!!??
    & who is the seller

  • Shawn says:

    Creative design last forever 🙂

  • Muhib says:

    How can i buy this awesome piece….
    and whats the price…..?

  • Essi says:

    How can i buy this awesome piece….
    and whats the price…..?

  • Shine says:

    Hi There,
    What is the price of this MB watch and how can I buy them?

    Thank you.

  • karvanik says:

    it’s wonderful i believe

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