These headphones are controlled with twist or slide of a tactile push button

We all use headphones to zone out and get into prime focus. Whether it’s for work, the pure joy of experiencing musical symphony, or getting through the rough morning commute to the office in a crowded metro. Life without headies is unthinkable in modern times for audiophiles at least, isn’t it?

This useful accessory has evolved in technology from being wired to truly wireless in the last few years. Features like touch/gesture buttons to toggle the volume, start/stop music, seek tracks, or switch between ANC modes. While most prefer the gesture-controlled input, I personally like to have a more tactile experience with my gadgets. Headphones are no exception, and these one dubbed Olfoo fall right into my alley. The reason is, that they have a physical button that can do all the above tasks with a profound physical input.

Designer: 葉 泓廷

On one side of the cushioned earcups, there is a big button in yellow which can move in forward or backward direction, and also be turned like the knob of a radio. The next song can be toggled by moving it forward, and a double move goes back to the previous track. Turning the button like a knob turns up the volume while turning it in the other direction turns the volume down. To turn On/Off the headphones, simply push the button once.

Cushioning on the Ofloo headphones is that of a premium build, so that you don’t feel fatigued in the head or around the ears with long hours of usage. Other than that, these headphones are just like any other flagship audio listening accessory out there. Could they create a stir in the space dominated by the Sony WH-100XM5 or Apple AirPods Max with this unique function? Well, that’s completely subjective since one headphone design might not appeal to two users with similar likes and preferences too.