Top 10 dog-friendly products of 2021

Though I am a cat person through and through, I cannot help but go gaga over doggos from time to time. They are just so adorable, and not to mention insanely loving (a quality most cat owners aren’t used to witnessing in their pets). And as much as I love pampering my kittie cats with presents from time to time, I’m sure all dog owners feel the same. Ensuring your pet feels safe, secure, and comfortable at home is every pet owner’s priority. We want to make sure they always feel loved and truly at home! It’s important to create an environment where they feel completely safe to let their guard down, while also managing to stay active and playful. And, we’ve curated a collection of dog-friendly product designs that promise to do exactly that! These pet products will help turn your home into the ultimate safe haven for your dogs, allowing you to connect and bond with them better while ensuring they’re always comfortable. From an adaptable food bowl with a customizable stand to a carabiner-based dog leash – these products will be absolutely loved by your dogs!



TOMO gives pet gear the upgrade it’s always needed, with minimalist aesthetics and beautifully engineered designs backed by high-quality materials. Putting basic plaid collars and harnesses with those fiddly carabiner clips in the rear-view mirror, TOMO’s pet gear comes in beautiful matte black, from the leash to collar to harness, and features a unique, robust metal clasp that’s minimal, durable, and easy to secure in a matter of seconds. All the products look like they’re a part of a wonderful ecosystem (unlike current pet gear where the leash, collar, and dog tag look different because they were all bought separately. The entire ecosystem of products draws a balance between functionality, comfort, and aesthetics, giving pet-gear a modern upgrade and making them complement each other when worn together, like a well-designed suit.

2. Nest Bowl

Designed with a hexagonal shape to keep the food in place better than a round bowl, dogs can really lick their bowl clean with Nest Bowl. Coming in two different sizes, Nest Bowl’s elevated stands are included to elevate the food bowl so that it meets your dog’s height, allowing your pup to eat without having to strain their neck. In addition to its customizable height, users can choose a dual-tone color scheme to match their dog’s personality and home decor.

3. The GPCA X Clip PRO

Designed as a heavy-duty carabiner-leash, the GPCA X Clip PRO is, well, for heavy-duty dogs. It comes with a CNC-machined 360clip that easily clips onto any dog collar or harness, offering a better user experience than traditional clasps, which are fiddly and fragile at best. The 360clip is thicker and comes machined out of solid stainless steel. It clips onto any D-ring with absolute ease, and a diamond-knurled grip makes it easy to maneuver for humans, allowing you to slip it on or off with ease. The 360clip even supports a special no-pull leash looping formation, formulated via the GPCA team. By simply allowing you to loop the leash around the dog’s front legs before clipping it to the D-ring, the no-pull formation forces the dog to turn sideways every time they pull too hard against the leash.

4. In The Dog


‘In The Dog’ is an automatic feeder that analyses your dog’s body composition before every meal. Usually, I take my dog for his routine check-up every quarter, and their diets may need to be altered from time to time, especially if they are growing puppies and a feeding device like this is very handy for pet owners. If your dog has health issues then this automatic pet feeder can help. It is hard to gauge how much food is right for your dog because they can’t tell you (and honestly, even if they could tell you they would never say no to food) so having a pet feeder that can take the guesswork out and keep your dog rightly fed is amazing!

5. Printthinks’ dog-friendly prosthesis

Inspired by a dog who couldn’t run for over seven years due to a missing leg, Printthinks committed to research and design study periods that led to the creation of their 3D-printed prosthesis prototype. Printed from a material called PETG and solely recycled materials, Printthinks created a solution that’s both eco-conscious and pet-friendly. While everyone wants their products to look good, thoughtful design boils down to the tangible contributions it brings to the world. In designing their dog-friendly prosthesis, Printthinks set out to change the life of a dog who couldn’t run, let alone walk, for over seven years. Once the initial prosthesis prototype was printed, Printthinks saw their contribution running on all four legs and looking good while doing it.

6. Mopet

Mopet was primarily designed as a means for city residents to bring along their little pups on trips that would be too far for smaller dogs. Since safety is the number one priority when considering modes of pet-friendly transportation, Mopet is equipped with plenty of safety features. Users can turn on the e-bike’s high beam LEDs when riding at night to make their e-bike and little dog visible to oncoming traffic. Whether their city is going through its annual summer heatwave or their dog is too tired to keep walking, Mopet is outfitted with a large-capacity battery that allows travel for 60km with a full charge.

7. Pupsule

The Pupsule’s name sort of perfectly encapsulates exactly what the product is. Designed like a capsule for your pup, the tiny contraption is perfectly small enough to carry with you on your pet walks. The patent-pending Pupsule comes with a two-part design – an upper half that houses empty plastic bags and a plunger, while the lower half has a 360° grabber arm (controlled by the plunger) and a smell-proof leak-proof area to store the poo until you need to dispose of it.

8. A chair made for needy pets

In her uploaded YouTube video, A chair made for needy pets Giertz takes us through the construction of both the chair’s initial prototype and its final form. Using Fusion 360, Giertz created a 3D model of the pet chair. The model features an enclosed crate, the main dog door, footrest, stairs, and roof to also work as Giertz’s seat. Employing CNC milling to construct the chair’s top seat and roof, sidewalls, stairs, and front entryway, Giertz cut vertical ridges along the sidewalls to bend them around the radius of the chair. After mounting the pieces of plywood together to form the prototype’s planned structure, Giertz uses screws to attach them, but the finished prototype saw some improvements. Giertz turned to CNC milling to construct the chair’s bottom piece, this time formed in two sections to fit onto the CNC bed. On top of the chair’s joined bottom piece, the rest of the CNC-milled pieces of plywood came together. To help Scraps move up and down the chair’s steps with more confidence, Giertz narrowed the distance between the steps and added a railing system to border the chair’s stairs, main seat, and roof.

9. The Playground

The Playground is a doghouse that also alternates as a modular sofa! The various modules of the sofa can be arranged creating not only different sofa designs but also fun spaces wherein your doggo can hop, bounce and play about! The wooden doghouse on one side of the furniture piece seems super comfy and adorable! A little hole on its roof, allows your dog to pop his head out of the doghouse, and connect/interact with you while you lounge about on the sofa. It’s the perfect way to spend quality time! Xiao designed Playground, especially for millennial pet owners. The designer kept in mind that the homes of millennials often have space constraints, and nor do they have much free time on their hand. Hence, Playground is extremely easy to put together, and will not occupy much space in our modern-day cramped apartments. Since Playground was created for young target customers, Xiao tried to give it a trendy and cool appearance! Bright colors, minimal woodwork, and a little plant give the furniture design a modern appeal.

10. The Joyda Muzzle

The Joyda muzzle presents a more subtle, comfortable alternative to existing products. Instead of following a common muzzle design, which essentially looks like a cage over the dog’s mouth, the Joyda uses a light strip of fabric around the snout. For the most part, the Joyda muzzle hangs loosely, not restricting the dog’s mouth at all. The strap will only tighten when it senses a potential attack. How can the Joyda tell? Well, the muzzle comes with a sensor that clips onto the dog’s collar. If the monitor notices a change in heart rate or other signs that might indicate aggression, it will send a signal to the muzzle and tighten around the dog’s snout until the perceived threat passes.