This automatic dog feeder customizes portion sizes based on your pet’s body composition

 Its quarantine and I am sure I am not the only one binge-snacking while binge-watching TV. I am also not the best influence on my dog because when I get my midnight cookie and he looks at me with puppy eyes, I give him a treat too. I feel guilty after eating out of boredom and follow up with some exercises at home, so while I plank those cookies away my dog cannot do that. And since we are in lockdown, I can’t take him out for his usual long runs….so he may come out of this pandemic a little chubby and it made me wonder if there are pet feeding devices that can change portions after assessing your pet’s health.

Its 2020, anything can happen and here we have ‘In The Dog’ which is an automatic feeder that analyses your dog’s body composition before every meal. Usually, I take my dog for his routine check-up every quarter and their diets may need to be altered from time to time, especially if they are growing puppies and a feeding device like this is very handy for pet owners. If your dog has health issues then this automatic pet feeder can help. It is hard to gauge how much food is right for your dog because they can’t tell you (and honestly, even if they could tell you they would never say no to food) so having a pet feeder that can take the guesswork out and keep your dog rightly fed is amazing!

The form of the feeder is modern and sleek, it has been designed to fit with all interior styles. Unlike the usual pet bowl that is chipping off, this doesn’t look like an eyesore in the room. The front has a camera and an LED light. It also includes a metal tread plate to check your pet’s health. It comes with an app for your smartphone which reports on your dog’s body composition and recommends the portion sizes, once you authorize the automatic pet feeder will dispense the food. It is a seamless way to keep a log of their daily diet which is insightful data for any vet during check-ups. Now my dog may come out of quarantine in the same shape as he was but I need a refrigerator that can do the same for me!

Designers: AB Rh+ Yang, Gyu Hyung Han and Seokmin Jang